Insurance Claim Processing

Insurance Claim Processing

Insurance Claim

Empower your claims form processing through automation

Speed up your processes with automated insurance claim management

The single largest operational cost for insurers is claims processing. Inefficiencies, processing errors, leakage and fraud drive costs up and drain resources. When you automate your claims processes, you boost organisational efficiency and customer service, and cut costs. Through faster, more accurate settlement of claims, you drive better, longer-term relationships with your policyholders.

We’re here to help

Restore works alongside many of the UK's leading insurers, across both the London market and the commercial insurance sector. Through our digital transformation model we help to incorporate technologies at the edge into successful legacy business models and infrastructures.

Outsourced Digital Mailroom Service – Divert your mail to us and we’ll open, sort and scan it ready to be sent on to you in a more useful format.

Intelligent Data Capture – We use Kofax software to intelligently extract data from your incoming claims and documents. Data can be returned in any required format for import into your own office systems.

The benefits to your business

Speed up your processes
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    Securely obtain, trace and audit signature and other data from receipt to final archive

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    Enable initiation of ID authentication and First Notice of Loss (FNOL) via mobile devices

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    Halt the flow of paper in claims processing and make crisp, clear claims images available to every authorised individual

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    Eliminate manual labour, speed processing, and reduce cycles and staff by leveraging a single, powerful platform

Managed Document Solutions

Restore eView is a cloud based electronic data management system which offers a business process management tool. This includes a full audit trail, tracking and reporting functionalities to enable you to manage your company's documentation with maximum efficiency and limited fuss.

Discover the benefits of our eView platform solution

Learn how JLT radically overhauled their basic business processes resulting in faster customer response times

Jardine Lloyd Thompson (JLT) is the world’s largest insurance risk specialist. Their pension business alone generates an average of 50,000 individual paper items each week which they had been storing in paper format. Restore provided a document capture solution that delivered significant business efficiencies and increased the ability to provide timely responses to customer queries. A reduced reliance on paper based files has eliminated storage costs, improved access and increased data protection.

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