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5 Reasons Why Off-site Document Storage Is Ideal For Businesses

The bigger your business gets, the more documents you generate.  These might be physical copies of receipts, invoices, tax returns and other paperwork.  It might be digital copies of employee records, payroll and PAYE information or even supplier’s records.  Whatever the nature of the documents, off-site storage has some huge benefits for businesses of all sizes.

What is off-site document storage?


Off-site document storage, also known as archive storage is a way to keep all of your documents away from the business premises but still ensure they are accessible when you need them.  You can often access digital documents via a special secure portal while visiting the location to collect physical documents simply needs an appointment booking in most cases.


Finding a UK company that offers document storage will allow you to store all of that essential  paperwork and digital files in a secure location here in the UK. If access to your documents is important then you need to find a business with a wide network of secure storage facilities across the UK. They can then ensure your documents are placed at a facility that meets your retrieval and viewing requirements.  


Benefits to your business


But why would you want to pay someone to keep all those documents off-site?  Here are some strong reasons to consider it for your business.

1. Less clutter in the workplace

With the big emphasis on harmonious and comfortable workplaces, clearing out the clutter is a good, employee-friendly move.  You can use the space for almost anything else and the office will have a clearer and less cluttered appearance.

2. No health and safety worries

Clutter has a habit of spreading – those boxes containing four years worth of tax returns have slowly moved from the storage room and are now at the top of the stairs!  That’s a potential trip hazard that could get you into trouble with health and safety officials.  Or maybe the boxes are blocking a fire door or emergency exit.

3. No concerns about fire

All businesses worry about fire and other damage to the property. When you have all your important documents stored on-site, that worry is enhanced as the loss of paperwork to a fire could cause major problems not just operationally but legally given data protection requirements. By storing them off-site, if something does happen at the business site, the documents will be safe elsewhere.  The same goes with digital backups – if a server was lost in a fire, then everything would be lost unless it was sent off-site.

4. Disaster recovery

In a similar way, if there was a disaster of some form and you couldn’t get to the property to conduct business, if everything was stored off-site, then it is easy to set up again from a temporary location.  This is a big part of disaster recovery, and while we don’t get the extreme weather here in the UK that other countries do, the increasing problem of flooding is just one reason why you should consider it.

5. Easy access

When you store documents on site, it can sometimes be hard to find stuff when you need it.  A good off-site storage company will often scan your documents before storing them and record where everything is.  This means it is quick and easy to access the documents and often you don’t need the physical version at all.


Using a quality off-site storage company can benefit your business in a range of ways.  Look for a company that offers top quality security for their site whilst allowing you easy access to your documents when you need to.  You can then rest assured knowing that your crucial business paperwork is securely stored yet accessible whilst allowing you to declutter the office and free up space.


For more information on our off-site document storage, feel free to get in touch. We also offer document shredding and document scanning services if you need to securely dispose of your documents or keep an online company of important documents for ease of access, just visit our website.