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Restore Scan, a division of Restore Plc, today announces its commitment to getting Data Right, by joining a pledge led by The Chartered Inst...

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In its drive to deliver the highest quality of care for patients, NHS England has set out dedicated guidelines with a primary objective of harnessing ...

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Whether your answer to this question is "Great! - I'm ready for a change" or "I hope not, I love my job," you can probably not realistically imagine y...

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Automation is rapidly encroaching on the legal profession, perhaps in the way industrialisation caught up with the luddites. Even practices and chambe...

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Paul Moonan, Managing Director at Restore Scan, highlights key ways in which the implementation of a digital mailroom can bring cost savings and effic...

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Are your documents taking over the work place?Are you starting to get a little overwhelmed with the way your company are currently handling documents....

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Restore Plc has been nominated as a finalist in this year’s DM Awards run by Document Manager Magazine - the UK’s only dedicated publication focused o...

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