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Ensure the Safety of Your Business Data Through Document Storage UK

Protecting sensitive business data is a major concern for every business owner. When you are looking for a safe and secure way to keep your company data from risk of theft or being lost to a fire emergency, then Restore have the perfect solution for you. We have the best document storage facilities in the UK, and can offer your company a wide range of different solutions to suit your needs.

Business Document Storage Solutions


Restore are a leading UK business document storage facilitator with 70 secure storage facilities spread across the country. This means we can offer businesses local to our secure facilities great peace of mind with our cost-effective secure document storage solutions.

We offer a confidential service to not only many leading blue-chip businesses, but also to other sectors including NHS services, local Government, insurance, legal services, banking and financial institutions, educational facilities as well as museums and heritage sites.

Why Businesses Need Records Management Companies

There are many benefits of using records management companies, the biggest benefit being the secure off-site storage of sensitive company records and paper documents. Using a company such as Restore for your records management needs will offer you the dual benefits of security and convenience.

The Many Benefits of Using Secure Off-site Storage


Restore offers a cost-effective secure storage service to alleviate your cluttered office. Clearing paperwork not only frees up space but in doing so will help to reduce insurance premiums through the removal of risk.


You may be thinking that it is too expensive to keep your business records stored off-site. However, secure off-site storage is extremely cost-effective particularly when you consider the opportunity cost of using your own office space.

Document Management Services


With Restore, you don't have to worry about providing on-site secure storage facilities for your paper-based archives. We can safely store and manage your records for you, including other data such as heritage records and back up tapes.


Restore currently manage over 15 million boxes of archived materials, including computer tapes and films. We have conveniently situated secure warehouse storage facilities in more than 70 locations spread across the country. This means that your archived documents will still be accessible and not located miles away from your business somewhere remote on the other side of the country.