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Common questions about digital mailrooms
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Common questions about digital mailrooms

digital mailroomMany businesses are now increasingly transitioning to digital mailrooms. They want to improve efficiency and quality and save money on staff, equipment and office and storage space. But if you’re not sure about digital mailrooms or have some questions then the following 10 FAQs may help you make an important decision for your business. 

1. What is a digital mailroom?

A digital mailroom is as you’d expect - a mail room, where everything is done digitally. The system identifies documents and files like payments, business mail and other such pieces of information and then digitises the documents prior to processing.  All mail (paper) can be dealt with alongside digital work such as email and web traffic. A digital mailroom automates and streamlines the entire businesses mail system.

2. What about a Restore Scan digital mailroom?

Using our specialist document scanning and data capture technologies; we offer a full digital mailroom service to many high profile clients. Our expert teams can review your processes and provide guidance and assistance on streamlining these by digitising and automation.

3. Does my business need a digital mailroom?

Most if not all business who receive mail would benefit from a digital mailroom. If you’re a securities organisation, or a bank group, or any business that receives a great volume of documents or data daily, in a variety of forms, from various sources, a digital mailroom could revolutionise your business.

4. What are the benefits?

In summary, there is a reduction in cost and risk and your business will have greater traceability and improved service levels. Our expert team will assess the needs of your business to create a bespoke system, generating new software where necessary to ensure the fit is perfect and reliable.

5. How can I access my data?

You can access your mail on your PC, laptop, tablet or phone. We turn your physical mail into a digital copy.  We prepare, scan and categorise your mail and deliver it back into your workflow or online repository.  It can then be accessed from anywhere; the office, working from home or when you’re out on the road.

6. What can be processed using a digital mailroom

Many things, like emails, letter invoices and other documents. Overall we can assist with your business processes in many ways; deposit your cheques, data capture key information, forward your mail or with our robotic automation assist you in key activities such creating orders.

7. Will it help my business stay compliant?

Yes. A digital mailroom reduces the risk of non-compliance associated with vulnerable paper-based documents. If you use a trusted service provider, you’re also gaining access to partners who have years of knowledge around data protection and security legislation.

8. Is it secure?

Yes. Fewer people will see the data, therefore data breaches are less common. Less data is lost due to archiving and the fact there is less paper. Finally, with Restore Scan you can enjoy peace of mind thanks to our accreditations such as ISO 27001 and ICS ServiceMark and membership with organisations such as the BSIA.

9. Do we have to transport the mail to you?

No, with Restore Scan, digital mailrooms can be delivered on-site, they can also be managed via the digitisation of incoming documents in a secure and confidential ISO27001 accredited off-site environment.

10. How can we get started?

Get in touch! We’d love to speak to you and help you implement a quicker, more integrated and secure mailroom system. If you’d like to digitise your mailroom or if you have any questions about digital mailrooms, our expert team are just the right people to ask! You can call on 0808 278 6934.