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Complete Document Management Solutions

Putting customers back in the driving seat.

Managing all the information generated by day-to-day business can be like trying to hold back a tidal wave. The issues raised by logistics, compliance and security can all eat into the working day, challenging even those organisations who have departments specifically set up to deal with these systems and processes.

Restore customers, on the other hand, are able to get on with driving their businesses forward. They are relaxed and secure in the knowledge that experts are caring for their paper and digital assets at every stage of their lifecycle. When they pass the challenge over to us, our customers effectively take back control over their information, and push back on that tidal wave of issues. They trust us to work in partnership with them, caring for their information in dedicated, approved facilities right across the UK, freeing up their office space, their valuable time and their budgets for business-generating activities.

From cradle to grave… and back again: isn’t it time you thought about putting all your information management under one roof?

One size fits all?

Not with Restore. Our friendly, professional staff are keen to make sure they work as an extension of our customers’ in-house teams, adapting our broad range of flexible services to fit each business. We take documents and assets on for the journey of their lifecycle: from organising, labelling and barcoding through to storing correctly, restoring when they have aged and then, at the end of their life, disposing of them safely, securely and discreetly.

Heads of department who use our full-lifecycle services know they’ve never made a better business decision.

Restore provide a much improved, professional, single source solution at a significantly reduced cost.

Andy Hogg, Head of Facilities at BMS Insurance

Information lifecycle solutions: simple steps to complete document management

For regular, instant access

Backing up and storing day-to-day email and current documents to a 24-hour monitored, on-site hard drive and, simultaneously, to off-site disc, tape or Cloud server, and on-demand scans of paper/film data already held in storage: all these give access at the touch of a button and are the smart way to improve efficiency, protect against risk and be more cost-effective.

For compliance-based and long-term storage

Company documents such as board or committee meeting minutes, invoices, accident books, customer data and much more must, by law, be kept for years after their day-to-day usefulness has expired. With our barcoded tracking system that links into industry-standard O’Neil’s software and our own proprietary software, Dovetail, we keep tabs on each file’s exact location, optimal storage conditions and flag it for destruction once its shelf-life has expired.

For prolonging life

Some information and assets will need specialist care if they are to withstand the test of time. Perhaps some rare film footage has oxidised and needs restoring; ancient documents do better if they are not handled, which is why we recommend they are scanned, if they are to be used by researchers, for example. These intensive specialist services are available from Restore expert divisions and aim to prolong the life of these precious assets.

For those who care for heritage items, such as centuries-old scientific equipment, paintings and furniture, Restore’s unique partnership with the National Conservation Service (NCS) has been instrumental in setting up low-cost, long-term, bombproof, flood proof storage facilities at Upper Heyford in Oxfordshire.

For end-of-life disposal

Three years after a customer letter has been logged into storage, our systems flag it up as being ready for disposal. But that’s not where the paper trail ends, as we track that letter all the way, in secure containers, to our shredding facility where it is destroyed, in confidence, and a certificate of destruction provided.

And when it comes to disposal, we don’t just deal with paper. Our IT assets disposal division guarantees to cleanse all data from redundant discs, hard drives and mobile devices before either offering them through re-sale channels for a surprisingly good return on investment for our customers, or sending to be broken down into re-usable component elements. Whatever line of recycling we use, our commitment is to aim for 0% landfill, a powerful message which we fully believe in.