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Dispose Of Your Documents In Confidence With Our Secure Shredding Service

With so many rules and regulations, legislations and compliance when it comes to disposing of your documents and confidential information, where do you start? Making sure your documents have been shredded securely and with people you trust, that’s where.


At Restore Datashred, we make sure your documents are transported securely in sealed containers if you want them shredding off-site, and we also offer on-site shredding, carrying out your secure shredding on your premises so you can make sure it has been completed in confidence giving you peace of mind.



Using a secure shredding service is extremely important when disposing of paper documents that contain sensitive information, whether that be information about your business, your customers or you employees. The main reasons to make sure these documents have been securely disposed of are:


  • Legal Reasons - keeping confidential client and employee information for a period of time is the law. However, once that timescale passes you are legally obliged to dispose of it securely. Penalties can be severe if this information gets into the wrong hands. You have a duty to protect this information!

  • Sustainability and Space Saving - stockpiling paper creates clutter and mess. Using a secure shredding service will not only save space in your office, but you can also be assured that your unneeded paper documents and files will be recycled so you get to play a part in protecting the environment.

  • Employee and Customer Protection - if you are just throwing personal customer and employee information in the bin, then you are not protecting their privacy and identity. We all have a legal right to privacy and you need to ensure any confidential and sensitive information is shredded and disposed of to protect that privacy.

For more information on how our Secure Shredding services work or if you need advice on what data your company should dispose of confidentially then visit our website or contact us directly.