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Disposing Of Sensitive Paperwork: Secure Document Shredding Eases The Pain

It's no secret: most companies find that meeting the legal requirement to destroy paperwork under the Data Protection Act is a laborious and challenging process. The idea of the paperless office was first proposed over thirty years ago; yet at some point in their working lives, the majority of office managers still find themselves looking ruefully at a document mountain of sensitive material in need of disposal.

The issue of the destruction of confidential material is a complex one that creates headaches for many organisations. First of all, it requires the dedication of trained staff with in-depth knowledge of the Data Protection Act and related legislation. It also requires an understanding of how and where paper documents may be stored and for how long; and the allocation of secure space for their storage while awaiting destruction. Finally, shredding documents takes more staff time as well as capital investment in machinery and maintenance. Perhaps this is starting to sound familiar? And now, organisations face new legislation in the form of the 2017 Data Protection Bill.

There are so many points where an in-house document disposal system can fail. Fortunately, no-one understands the issues around secure disposal of documents better than the accredited and experienced data shredding company, Restore Datashred. That's why the company has developed a flexible but fully DPA and DPB compliant range of services for UK organisations.

Every organisation can benefit from Restore Datashred's extensive experience. The process begins with an audit of your company's needs that is entirely free of charge. Then a range of options will be discussed, including the shredding of documents at your premises or off-site, whichever is preferred. Finally, further peace of mind comes from knowing that the documents are shredded to BS EN 1513:2009 standard and a Certificate of Destruction is provided.