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Do you Need Secure Heritage Storage?


We can all place a value on the items we own, and some things will be more precious than others. Whether you have treasures that are financially high-vale, or you have precious items that have a lot of sentimental value to you, we understand that no matter the value – they are priceless to you.

Whether you are in need of secure heritage storage for rare museum pieces that are shown in rotation, or you have fragile antiques and artwork that needs specialised climate-controlled storage facilities, Restore Heritage Storage has the ideal solution for you.

Heritage Storage Scheme

Heritage Storage CompanyYou can trust Restore to provide you with our support within the heritage sector where we work closely with many conservation departments to help preserve and manage rare artefacts and very unique and valuable pieces of history. We strive to consistently deliver an exemplary service that offers the greatest of care and attention to detail to enable you to carry your heritage pieces safely into the future.

Restore Heritage Services already provide effective ongoing long term storage services for many of the UK's leading art galleries, restoration specialists and museums. Our heritage scheme services meet with and exceed the current conservation standards as specified in PD5454:2012 and BS/EN16893.

Climate-controlled Heritage Storage Services

While there are other storage companies available that offer specialist storage, many of them don't go far enough to actively monitor and protect their contents. Many companies lack the experience and knowledge that Restore have gained over the years of working closely with our heritage clients and conservation experts.

We also go the extra mile by offering climate-controlled facilities that are protected by the latest cutting-edge technology, but can also do this while considering the environmental impact of our services. We work hard to maintain a low carbon footprint for our heritage services – as an environmentally conscious company, this is something that we are proud of.

Cost-effective Heritage Storage Solution

Restore operate a very competitively priced storage solution for our heritage clients. We offer very cost-effective contact terms with great flexibility, so if you need specialist climate-controlled storage and management facilities for a rotational exhibition or programme, then we can accommodate you.

Our Heritage Storage Scheme has been especially designed with the heritage sector in mind. We understand that you will need to access your stored items periodically, rotate and replace pieces as you plan and open new exhibitions etc. For this reason we have built special suites of climate-controlled rooms allowing quick and easy access for more active collections. We also understand that many heritage restoration services will need to gain access to certain pieces for active restoration work, so we offer very flexible access options here too.

We offer a perfectly tailored and bespoke service that combines a great deal of flexibility along with affordability to deliver an ideal solution for the heritage sector.

Secure Heritage Storage facilities

You can trust Restore to provide you with the utmost security for your precious heritage pieces. Our Heritage Storage Scheme operates from a very unique premise in the heart of rural Oxfordshire. Our climate-controlled heritage storage suites are housed very securely within ex-Cold War aircraft hangars, which in itself is a nod towards their historical past.

These monumental and iconic hangars were built to be bombproof, fireproof, flood-proof, damp proof and free from pest infestations. Can you think of any better surroundings for your precious items than this? We certainly cannot!

Find out more about our Heritage Storage Scheme or contact us to discuss your needs for secure climate-controlled storage of your precious heritage items.

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