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Embrace The Digital World Using Our Digital Mailroom To Communicate Within Your Business

The list of businesses and organisations you need to communicate with varies just as much as the channels they use to communicate, and this list is constantly increasing just like the digital world, making things more confusing and time-consuming.


Nowadays, paper mail volumes have been replaced by emails, mobile phone applications and different portals are used to send and import information and documents to your business. However, searching for these documents in the bundle of different messages and information you have been bombarded with can be extremely difficult and stressful, not to mention time consuming. We know these forms of communication still need to be sorted, understood, prioritised and distributed to be able to respond back to the client promptly and accurately, but there is so much information, where would you start?



Restore Scan’s Digital Mailroom solution combines automated data capture, multichannel capture and workflow technology to do exactly what you need, but without the hassle and stress of having to do it manually.  Our Digital Mailroom solution offers a reduced cost, greater security and faster retrieval to do everything you need. The tasks our Digital Mailroom services can complete consist of automatically prioritising, sorting and routing inbound communications from a variety of different channels. Once this has been completed you can then ensure each of your clients receive accurate responses to enhance your customer satisfaction.



Our Digital Mailroom management team currently process tens of thousands of individual items of post each day received through client PO Box redirections, emails or portals. You can also install the same solution within your own premises and either your own mailroom staff or Restore’s facilities management team can operate the Digital Mailroom. We are here to support you every step of the way!

To learn more about Digital Mailroom and the other services we offer, feel free to contact us with any query you may have and we would be happy to help you and offer any advice you need!