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Ensure your business data safety through Document Storage UK

Protecting sensitive business data is a major concern for every business owner. When you are looking for a safe and secure way to keep your company data from risk of theft or being lost to a fire emergency, then Restore have the perfect solution for you. We have the best document storage facilities in the UK, and can offer your company a wide range of different solutions to suit your needs.

As a well-established business ourselves, we understand that the documentation and paperwork that your company produces holds an extreme value to you. The records that you need to keep safe can be anything from your company financial records, customer accounts, client files, employee information and so forth. These all fall under your confidential records that you have a duty of care to look after by law.

Probably the most vulnerable aspect of keeping your company records safe is looking after paper-based documentation that can be particularly at risk from natural disasters, theft or vandalism. Even when you keep digital back-up copies of documents to your hard drive, it is still important that you protect these records. While you may think having a paper copy and a digital back-up copy will cover you, both types of records are still vulnerable if they are kept together on your premises.

To completely ensure the future safety of your company's most important documentation, it is best to take on the services of a professional  document storage company such as Restore. Let's look at the benefits of storing your records off-site:

Secure Document Storage UK Systems

Holding your company records in a well-designed secure storage facility will add an extra layer of security towards protecting your sensitive data. All of Restore's secure sites have a system in place that not only makes your document storage as easy as possible, but we have tight protocols and procedures in place to prevent any security breaches that may expose your data to risk.

We understand that it doesn't really help you to have your company documentation stored away if you cannot easily access them as and when you need to. This is why we have an efficient system in place that allows your data to be stored in a logical system that you will understand, and will find easy to navigate to retrieve any files or records that you may need to revisit in the future. We will be able to explain in simple terms how our records storage system works and how you can swiftly access it to locate and request the retrieval and delivery of the documentation you need.

The best thing to do when looking for a document storage solution is to talk with us first before deciding on which option to take. Because you may have paper documentation that could suffer through incorrect storage or poor climatic conditions, as well as a risk of fire and theft, you will  find that storing your records off-site gives your paperwork more protection than can be afforded by leaving it on your own premises.

Depending on the type and nature of your company records, you can choose from secure climate controlled environments, storage solutions with in-built fire prevention and control systems, as well as extra-secure vault storage for rare, vintage or heritage documentation.

Why not contact us today to discuss your document storage needs. We will be happy to help you!