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Heritage Document Scanning and Storage

When considering heritage documents, it is important to understand the specific needs for storing or scanning these precious documents. 

Not only are they precious to your business, but they could be of significant importance to others as well. 

Handling Heritage Documents

When handling heritage documents, it may be essential to wear specialist gloves so as the oils from your hands do not damage the documents. Indeed handling a document may also need to be done in a temperature controlled environment under carefully designed lighting too, as all of these external influences have an effect on the lifetime of your heritage document. 

As a company, Restore are used to handling these documents with care for our clients. 

Scanning Heritage Documents

Often we recommend that we work with our clients to digitise these important assets. In a carefully controlled environment, we take care to scan each document and digitise them that allows anyone within your organisation who has the relevant permissions to view these documents online at any time they want without donning white gloves and turning down the lights! 

Storage of Heritage Documents

Once the scanning has been done, this then enables us to archive your heritage documents in controlled environments for safe keeping, to be accessed less frequently, monitored more frequently and to extend the life of your assets. 

If your documents cannot be scanned but still require temperature controlled storage in a monitored area, then of course we can ensure we find the most suitable place for you. 

If you have heritage documents that require special attention and extra care, then please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements further.