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How Do Document Storage Companies Keep Your Records Safe?

When you run a busy business, you will generate a lot of documentation in the form of reports, financial records, sales reports and analysis, insights and marketing materials, as well as employee records and other sensitive data that you don't want to get into the wrong hands, or risk being lost through fire, flood or theft. So, how do document storage companies keep your records safe?

Many companies will employ the help of document storage services to safely and securely store very valuable and highly confidential paperwork. These companies will usually do this through operating off-site storage facilities. Using these services can be very beneficial to your business because not only will you be protecting your valuable documents from physical risks, such as fire and flood, but also by safely locking them away in a secure storage facility, you are adding an extra layer of protection to keep your sensitive data out of the hands of criminals.

By storing the bulk of your business paperwork away from your office or workplace with document storage companies, you will also be greatly reducing the risks of a fire outbreak from spreading quickly through your premises. There is also the added benefit of all the extra office or workplace space you will gain from the removal of bulky filing cabinets, filing cupboards and shelves full of large storage boxes full of paperwork.

Is Document Storage cost-effective?Document Storage Companies

The simple answer to this question is, yes! Firstly, you have to consider how much you may be paying to rent your office or business premises. If a large portion of your rented office space is taken up with the on-site storage of your files and paperwork, then you will already be paying a pretty penny for your own document storage.

Many growing companies make the mistake of moving to ever-larger business premises once they out-grow their present workspace. However, the larger your company grows, the more paperwork it will generate – and the more space you will need to store it.

Instead, by moving your paperwork and files to off-site storage facilities, you will be freeing up plenty of useable work space that can be repurposed to accommodating additional staff or more machinery and essential equipment needed for your business expansion.

The expense of using off-site document storage companies can actually work out to be much more cost-effective in the long run, because the costs involved can be much cheaper than what it costs you to keep it on your own premises.

Is Document Storage good for small businesses too?

It is not just larger businesses that can benefit from using document storage companies – small businesses can benefit too!

Small business owners are often working with very tight budgets, so the cost of using an off document storage service can work out much cheaper than the costs of storing potentially hundreds of boxes and files in your own office – especially if you only need to rent a small office to run your business from.

By utilising the storage space available to you through off site storage, you can keep your budget under control by renting a smaller office that suits your needs instead of a more expensive larger office that is needed simply to house your business paperwork.

Document Storage - Great peace of mind

The ongoing security of your company paperwork is one of the greatest worries for a business owner. By law you are obliged to keep financial records for a minimum of five years before you can safely dispose of them. Obviously, your business premises are at risk of a break-in by a burglar or vandals who can cause untold damage. Should your premises suffer a fire or flood, this can be devastating loss of precious information.

You can rest assured that the protection and security of your documents are our priority. Find out more about our document storage options or contact us to find out how we can help you.

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Choosing a Document Storage Company

When it comes to choosing a document storage company, what should you look for?

With any organisation or individual, when you are looking to do business with a company or a selection of companies, you will do your research.

Often price or value for money may be your top priority, but sometimes this may not be relevant to your business.

If you are looking to achieve certain British Standards in your own business, then you will be looking to work with a company who meets certain standards themselves.

Perhaps you are looking to "go green" in which case a company who works hard to achieve a carbon neutral footprint, one who cares about recycling both on and offsite, they will be higher on your list.

Also testimonials and reviews, as long as they are genuine, can play an important part in your decision. After all, if you are looking to work with a document storage company, this will be a long term relationship, and being able to easily communicate with every department, and get a professional response every time will make your life easier, and the task more streamlined.