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How you can Benefit from Restore Document Management Services


Document storage can be a real issue for many businesses, especially if they want to run a lean operation where they want to keep running costs down to a minimum and utilise every inch of physical space on their work premises.

Keeping business documents such as financial records, customer invoices and staff files stored on your work premises can take up a lot of valuable space. The sheer volume of paperwork that an average sized business generates in a year can be huge! As companies are obliged to keep hold of their financial records for a minimum of five years by law, and also need to keep hold of useful documentation and records that are needed to be accessed periodically, storage can become a big problem.

Off site storage

A very cost-effective option for businesses is to make the best use of off-site storage facilities where they can safely store their business documents and free up valuable working space. However, simply hiring some local storage space can lead to problems, especially if you still need to regularly access specific files or company records for reference.

Unless you can dedicate some staff time to create and run an effective and efficient document management practice, you may find it difficult to locate specific files or paperwork when you need it in the future.

This is why it makes good sense to hire the services of Restore who can provide you with our expert document management services. We can help to streamline your records and organise your files by going through our careful document recording and management system.

Tracking your paperwork

We record all of your documents and assign them a location code so that when your documents go into our secure storage, they go in following a system that makes your files easily to locate and retrieve whenever you need to gain access to them.

There is no need to worry about the security of your confidential data while in our storage facilities.

Security of your documents is vital to our service, so we take every care to protect them. We understand how serious a data breach can be to your business, so we ensure through our very tightly monitored system that no information can be leaked or misused for criminal purposes.

Restore Records Management have heavily invested in cutting-edge technology and equipment that enables us to offer our clients very contemporary end-to-end document management services. You can trust us and our exemplary reputation for the secure storage of your sensitive data. Right from the initial uplifting and transportation of your confidential documents to safe placement within or secure storage facilities, Restore offers a complete service that is second to none.

Choice of storage options

Depending on the type of paperwork you need to have stored and the frequency you will need to gain access to it, you can choose they type of document storage facility your records go into. We can offer deep storage facilities for archiving of files that you may not need to retrieve or use for a very long period of time, or you can choose closer storage facilities for more active files that you may need to access more frequently.

Restore Records Management has 70 warehouses spread across the UK, so we will have a facility that is close by for swift document retrieval whenever you need them.

We use O’Neil’s and Dovetail software programs that provide controlled access to your records. This means that your confidential paperwork remains safe and secure at all times, but makes accessing what you need simple and quick.

Find out more about our Dovetail filing and tracking systems or contact us to see how we can help you.

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