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How you can easily manage your company technology assets

Restore Technology provide fully audited end to end services for your company technology assets. You can benefit from our certified procedures and the knowledge and expertise of our fully trained staff to help you get the best value from your technology equipment, even after it becomes redundant.

What are IT Lifecycle Services? How can my company benefit from them?

Most companies will use and dispose of many IT and telecommunications assets over the years as equipment either breaks down, becomes old, unreliable or obsolete, or when new upgrades are scheduled to replace existing equipment. To help keep as much waste out of landfill as possible, companies need to comply with current WEEE regulations when disposing of their electronic assets. The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE Directive) was brought in in February 2003, and means that businesses need to reduce, recycle and reuse as much of their old equipment as possible. At Restore Technology, we understand how much pressure companies are under to reduce their costs and the environmental impact of doing business. This is why we offer our end-to-end lifecycle services to help business owners ease their burden. We can take your old assets and where possible, we can sell on fully functional equipment for resale to other business users looking for refurbished and low-cost technology solutions. For unusable equipment, we can break them down into their bare components for re-use or recycling. We strive to reduce the amount of waste product going to landfill to the absolute minimum possible. Restore Technology can also help you dispose of unwanted or redundant equipment when you are planning to move your business to new premises. This could involve disposal of old IT and telecommunications equipment that you don't want to take with you, or it could be by taking excess equipment off your hands when you are downscaling and moving to smaller premises. We can also help you with your secure IT relocation to your new premises too!

Is business IT Relocation safe?

Moving your business technology to new premises can be a very risky process. This is why your move is best left to the experts. A DIY move can often result in improper protection being put in place that can result in permanent damage to servers or fragile equipment. Restore Technology can provide you with a fully comprehensive IT relocation service. Should you need your sensitive IT assets to be safely stored between the changeover, then we can offer secure storage and asset management services to help protect your equipment while your office move is underway. Your company servers are very delicate pieces of equipment and need the right technical and logistical handling to successfully relocate your servers to their new home. This is where Restore Technology can help. We can relocate your data centre, servers and sensitive IT equipment in a well-planned and organised manner with safety at the heart of the operation. Find out more about our safe and secure Business IT Relocation service and how we cover every aspect of your move so you don't have to worry about a thing.


How do I know my IT assets will be safe during my IT relocation?

With Restore Technology Asset Management systems, you can have a very efficient and safe IT relocation. We run a fully integrated system that has been engineered to track your assets while on the move. We can carefully audit every single piece of  IT equipment that you have to allow for a more detailed and exact relocation. At the end of our equipment audit before your move, you will know exactly what equipment you have. This will allow you to do a bit of housekeeping and dispose of any redundant or obsolete equipment that isn't worth moving with you.

This can also show up any holes or missing pieces in your IT network where you may need to look at replacing worn out or old equipment or updating your telecommunications products for your new premises. We can do this because our audit will report the condition of each piece of technology and give you the perfect insight into the state of your equipment.

We will catalogue everything in your inventory and you will be able to track each piece during the relocation so you will know exactly where everything is. This will help at the other end of your journey at your new premises where you will need to unload and install your equipment in the right order.

Restore Technology take every care of your fragile servers and IT equipment. We use special server packing crates that are fully lined with protective foam to ensure no jolts or bumps along the road will cause any damage. Because we label everything that is moving with you, from your network cabling to your company telephones, nothing will arrive at your new premises without being accounted for.

IT Cleaning

There is never a better time than when you are relocating to new premises to do a bit of housekeeping on your IT assets by having your equipment professionally cleaned. There could be nothing worse for the look, feel and image of your company than moving to a new business premises with dirty and grubby IT equipment.

Using Restore Technology IT cleaning service can really enhance your IT assets to give your equipment a new lease of life. It's not only the external look of your equipment that can be polished up. You may notice that air vents and cooling vents on your equipment are dusty and blocked with debris. Dust and fluff build up can really build up on the inside of your equipment casings and between the keys of your keypads and cause issues with sensitivity and functionality.p

Our comprehensive cleaning service will thoroughly clean and sterilize your IT assets and telecommunications equipment, including your telephones, keyboards, computer monitors, mice and CPUs. Cleaning is done using scrim fibre cloths and anti-static brushes for intricate components and specialist vacuum system for CPU fans.p

How can I safely and securely dispose of my old IT assets?

Restore Technology can take care of the safe destruction and recycling of your old or redundant IT assets. We can either do this by collecting your assets from your business premises by our security team for safe transportation to one of our secure disposal sites, or we can carry out our destruction processes on-site. Our mobile on-site destruction services mean that you can be rest assured that not a single IT asset will leave your premises intact.

Our secure IT destruction processes involve shredding, punching and degaussing, whichever is the most effective and efficient way to dispose of your data carrying equipment.

Resale and rebate service

When your company IT assets come to the end of their lives, our re-marketing team can resell your unwanted assets to offset your service costs. This means that you can not only get the very best from your IT assets and telecommunication equipment while they are in use, but once you have no further need for them, you can extract further value from your now redundant assets to recoup your costs further.

There is no need to worry about suffering from a data breach when you have your IT assets disposed of because Restore Technology is fully GDPR compliant and we can deliver a full audit timeline for your needs and great peace of mind. You can choose to have your IT assets securely disposed of on your own business premises through our mobile IT destruction services, or we can securely collect your redundant IT equipment and take it to one of our state of the art secure disposal sites for completely monitored and tracked destruction.

How do I dispose of my old Printer Cartridges?

Printer Cartridge Recycling is a burden than most business owners struggle to cope with. However, there is a simple solution that helps to keep your old printer cartridges out of the landfill and helps to keep your company compliant with current WEEE regulations too.

Restore Technology is an industry leader for buying or collecting printer cartridges for resale or recycling. You can simply contact us to order a printer cartridge collection box, and we will quickly deliver you what capacity box you will need to suit your business needs.

Once your collection box or boxes are ready for us to collect, we will come and pick them up from you with no fuss or waiting around. We can then sort them out for recycling or to be refilled and re-used wherever possible.

Can my small business benefit from your engineering resources?

No matter what size business you run, having a key member of staff absent from work can seriously affect your productivity and efficiency levels. We can provide professional on-site staff to assist with your work projects or cover for staff holidays or long-term absences with our On Demand Engineering Resources.

Our fully trained and experienced IT engineers have a wide range of technical skills to enable them to seamlessly fit in with your workplace team and pick up the slack for staff absences as and when you need their help and support.

Our Engineering Services can really benefit small and medium sized businesses in particular, especially when you rely of a small key team of employees to keep your business wheels in motion.

What about repair and refurbishment of our existing IT assets? Can you help us to extend the life of our technology assets?

Restore Technology are proud to offer a fully comprehensive service to our clients that includes very cost-effective repairs, equipment maintenance and refurbishment of your company IT assets to help keep your equipment in the best working order possible. This can help to save you money over the lifetime of your IT equipment by keeping it functional and working at full capacity for you. We will look at conducting repairs and refurbishments with new replacement parts and original parts where available.

For example, maybe you have issued a number of company phones or laptops to your staff that have stopped working or have broken down in some way. By using our STREAMS® system, we can collect all of these broken business IT assets, repair or refurbish them and return them back to you in fully working order as swiftly and smoothly as possible.

Choosing to repair and refurbish your IT assets instead of disposing of them and replacing them with new equipment can actually end up saving your company a lot of money. Wherever possible we will use original parts and replacement components to ensure complete compatibility and ensure your technology product stays fixed and working at peak performance.

Restore Technology is here to help your business with our comprehensive range of technology services. These are list of our most popular business services: