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Invest in Magnetic tape backup and storage to ensure your business remains secure

Have you ever asked yourself…“What if there is ever a fire or flood in the office, what will happen to all of my data and records?”

Here at Restore Document Management we can offer you offsite storage so that you never have to worry about the unexpected again!

We know that businesses can be at risk of crumbling if they do not have a back-up plan in place for their important online data and documents. This is where we come in – we can offer you a place to store your computer back-up tapes for added peace of mind as you know for sure your information is secure.

“What if our computers are hit with a virus and destroys our online records?”

We know that some threats can come from inside your own computer system, whether it be through an accidental download or innocently opening up an external email. Due to this it is essential to back up and restore all of your company information including your emails, should a virus on your systems strike!

Are you interested in storing your tapes offsite for extra security and peace of mind?

We are able to offer you a secure environment to store your vital tapes, DVD’s and CD’s where they are always monitored and protected. You can also access your data through our online bar code tracking system so that you can get it delivered or collected when needed at a time that best suits you.

Want an online back-up system for your data that doesn’t take up much time?

We are able to advise you on the best software so that you can back up your important files and emails with ease.

What are the benefits of using this software?

  • SAVES TIME – This software is automatic after it’s set up to suit your business’ needs. 
  • SAVES MONEY – You don’t have to install expensive hardware or spend a lot of time backing up your important files. 
  • NOT LIMITED – There is no limit to what you back up therefore you don’t have to worry about deciding on which are the most vital files to save! 
  • COMPLETELY SECURE – Your data is stored in three separate locations and are also encrypted and password protected so that they remain completely safe.

Are you interested in our magnetic tape backup and magnetic tape storage so that you can ensure that your business’ data is always safe and secure? Contact our friendly team on 0844 725 5540 to discuss what type of magnetic storage and back up you require for your business. You can also visit our website if you would like to find out more about the other services that we can offer you.