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IT ALL STARTS WITH A DIGIT - Restore Scan Digital Mailroom

Most businesses have some sort of process to deal with electronic correspondence, and adequately, route and protect it. However on the other hand, processing paper correspondence brings with it a whole host of challenges. Firstly its labour intensive, and needs manual screening and the two in combination can be fraught with errors.

The question to ask is why more businesses don't automate the initial handling and screening process to determine the document type? From there the content can be extracted with minimal human intervention, and in real-time be added to the most appropriate software database to be actioned.

Sound too good to be true? It already exists! Restore Scan specialises in automated business correspondence, revolutionising the mail room into a hub for integrated paper and document workflow. As the popularity of digital mailrooms increases, many businesses are choosing Restore Scan to remove the cost of managing paper files at their point of entry to the organisation.

The digital mailroom becomes the bridge between hard-copy and electronic documents and the benefits include:

  • Reduction in lost or misfiled documents
  • Faster delivery to key workers and handlers
  • Improved internal and external customer service delivery
  • Reduced manual indexing
  • Financial savings
  • Increased efficiency

On average, in the UK, 90% of customer communication is delivered through documents. Managing the workflow consumes an almost unimaginable amount of time and expense, plus the risks associated with lost communication can impact cash flow, customer satisfaction, complacence and data protection.

So with such a high risk, surely we should be starting to look at evolving this essential business function. I believe that the answer doesn't lie in an 'off-the shelf solution' but rather in the safe hands of a business process automation specialist like Restore Scan.