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IT Disposal and Data Destruction for security

Why would you need IT Disposal and Data Destruction? 

Imagine if your mobile phone was stolen. You would immediately panic that someone else had access to your whole life. Your contact details, access to your social media, details of credit cards, knowledge of your bank, your address, family members. They would even know what you look like “pics of you” 

It is no different for your business laptop or desktop. Imagine the information that is stored away on them? Perhaps client confidential information. 

You have heard the stories of Sony and more recently the US Government, and how they stored their staff details online, and potentially this information is now available to… well who knows, but obviously not someone with the greatest of business ethics. 

That is why we offer the complete set of secure, end-of-life management services that put you back in control of all your data and media. 

How simple is it to get your data and IT equipment disposed of or destroyed? 

If you think you can do this yourself, chances are the answer is no. There are so many places for files to hide that it is virtually impossible for individuals to cleanse data fully. You have seen it so many times where the Police have found that bit of evidence they need. 

We can come to you, bringing our portable CESG-approved data destruction technologies to carry out degaussing, software wiping and physical destruction of all media types. Or we can arrange for the full service to take place at our in-house facilities, where we process more than 90,000 units of IT equipment each year. 

We comply with the Data Protection Act of 1998 for all your electronic or physical data, and use the safest, most up-to-date data removal software and hardware, working with our accredited partner Tabernus to erase hard disk content to UK and US-government approved and military levels of approval. We can completely destroy data to the level of HMG 1A Standard No 5 – Secure Sanitization of protectively marked or sensitive information. You can rely on us. 

Software wiping – permanent removal of software to military and governmental levels. 

Degaussing – highest level date, audio and video removal from magnetic storage media such as hard drives. 

Physical destruction – breaking the hardware and devices down, harvesting constituent parts for from grave to cradle recycling, such as metals, plastics and glass. 

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