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Looking for protected storage for your computer tapes?

If you have important computer tapes that need storing in a safe and protected environment, then you will be looking for a system that protects your Magnetic tapes in the event of your buildings and equipment being ravaged by fire, flood or coming under attack.

Disaster recovery plans 

An external crisis or disaster can happen at any time and any business can be damaged if it doesn’t have safe and secure back-up system in place, which is why off-site storage for all your computer back-up tapes should play an integral role in your disaster recovery plan. 

What do you do if a virus finds it’s way into your business? Recent high-profile cases see internal email is admissible as evidence in all manner of corporate disputes. 

It is essential in any business important that all your digital data (including email) is accurately recorded, backed up and stored to secure your peace of mind. 

‘Green’ gas protects your computer tapes 

Restore are proud to use Inergen™ Premier as the inert gas in our fire suppression system. 

  • Inergen™ Premier is proven effective on all common types of fire, and It does not leave behind harmful decomposition agents. 
  • Stored as a mixture of 52% nitrogen, 40% argon and 8% carbon dioxide, these are all gases naturally occurring in the atmosphere. The addition to the mix of CO2 helps compensate for the depletion of oxygen levels. 
  • Inergen™ Premier has zero impact on the ozone layer and is the ‘greenest’ fire suppressant available. 

Secure storage locations 

Computer tapes, CDs, DVDs and so on are physically stored in a secure and environmentally-controlled facility where our bar-coded tracking system gives you online control. Other features include; 

Security entry system monitored 24 hours a day 

CCTV monitored 24 hours a day 

Fire suppression system monitored 24 hours a day 

Temperature control 18°C +/- 2°C 

Humidity control systems 50% +/- 10% 

And the benefits 

  • Automatic: once set up to suit your needs. 
  • Cost effective: no expensive hardware to install and no man hours spent in backing up. 
  • Safe and secure: separate copies of your data are remotely stored in three geographically independent, secure off-site locations and all are encrypted and password protected. 
  • Flexible and versatile: there’s no limit to the quantity of data or file types you can back up 

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