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Medical Records Scanning - Dependable And Secure

In a constantly changing and adapting world, we all know how much technology and digital systems are relied on to make our documents and information secure and easily accessible. Healthcare is no exception when it comes to embracing these changes, which is why Restore Scan offer a Medical Records Scanning service.


With the entire NHS required to provide electronic records by 2020, we are providing the services to add paper-based patient/medical records to the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and onto the Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS). For the amount of patients each clinic or practice has, the reality of scanning all of the patient information is an extremely big challenge and takes up valuable time, which is why our team is here to help simplify the whole process for you!



Our process offers specialist services in medical scanning, archiving, indexing and retrieval. With no room for error, our team offers the highest security and an efficient, dependable and cost-efficient service allowing fast access to high-quality digital files. The three services Restore use for your medical records scanning are:


  • Day Forward Scanning - allows you the flexibility to access your paper files whilst choosing when to transition from your old document management systems to the new, more efficient mode of electronic records. You will pick a date in the near future where you will no longer keep paper records and we will do the rest!

  • Scan On Demand - You can request a stored medical record wherever you are in the world thanks to our online portal. We will scan, digitise and send the file to you within the hour which saves valuable time and resources. We can then scan, digitise and store your remaining paper files over a period of time that suits you.

  • Archive Scanning with optional OCR Classification and Indexing - files are indexed to allow the digital files to be sorted by unique identifiers such as name, patient number etc. These documents can also be sub-indexed or categorised in a PDF for easy access. In the healthcare environment, we know how important it is to be able to find patient files quickly and easily but also to make sure they are secure, which is why OCR can be used to sort files into particular families, by year, month or relevant data.

For more information on our Medical Records Scanning services and or the other scan services we offer, contact us directly or visit our site.