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Offsite Tape Storage for Data Security

Storing data on tapes has its associated risks, but is a convenient way to relieve space from your internal systems, yet store the data you need for when you need it. 

A lot of larger organisations use Tape Storage, and of course the longer you are in business, the greater the storage area this takes up. 

Organisations with multiple branches, offices and shops will have the greatest requirements for space when storing data on tapes. With multiple sites, the security issues increase as you manually move the data tapes from one place to another. 

Things can easily get mislaid, even with the tightest of procedures. 

Tape Storage Solution

At restore, we have the ideal solution. Offsite Tape Storage!

We can help by giving you back your valuable and costly space, but in addition to this, because we store it for you, and because document storage is what we do, you will know that your tapes and data are held in a controlled and monitored environment yet with easy access for all your branches, offices and shops at the touch of a button. 

Our processes and systems meet regulatory compliances and ISO standards, which means your data will meet those standards too by association. 

So, if you are storing your Data on Tapes within your buildings, give us a call and we can discuss the best solutions for your business which will free up the space, yet giving you the access to the data whenever you want, from wherever you need.