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On-site and Off-site Document Shredding To Ease Your Peace Of Mind

At Restore Datashred, we understand the pressure that is involved in making sure confidential documents are securely destroyed. Our onsite and offsite document shredding services ensure that you are comfortable with how your documents are being destroyed and can even oversee the destruction.


Our on-site document shredding services can be carried out at your own office as we can send our mobile shredding vehicles to the destination and shred everything on-site. Even better, you will be issued with a Certificate of Destruction immediately when the shredding has been completed and therefore you can prove that your confidential documents have been securely destroyed. A Certificate of Recycling will also be issued when your receive your invoice, so as well as securely destroying your documents you will also have a positive impact in saving the environment, what more could you want?



When it comes to our off-site document shredding, we tailor our services to make sure your organisation achieves the most secure, reliable and efficient document disposal possible. Whether you need a one off solution for your office clear out or require regular, scheduled collections, we can help you with whatever you need. With just one phone call, we can collect your sensitive material, transport it securely in sealed containers to our environmentally friendly and extremely secure destruction centres, then destroy and recycle it. A Certificate of Destruction and Certificate of Recycling will also be issued to ensure your confidential document shredding destruction is certified!



Restore Datashred are committed to reducing our carbon footprint whenever and wherever we can. That is why we are passionate when it comes to document shredding and we ensure the vehicles used to collect waste have low emissions, we keep mileage down where we can, we recycle 95% of the paper we collect, and we ensure that even the incineration of IT equipment creates new energy.

If you are interested in helping us help the environment by using our document shredding solution or would like to find out more about the other services Restore Datashred offer, then contact us directly or browse our website.