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Onsite Paper Shredding Services

Why would you need a company to shred your paper? Can’t you just rip it up and recycle it?

There are of course items that a company can simply rip up and put in their recycling without any concerns about data protection, such as office doodles, office supplies packaging, pizza delivery boxes etc.

However, any data that has any details of company names and information, personal details, financial details etc are a data protection risk if they are not destroyed in the correct way.


We all understand the need to protect data online, but paper often gets missed. Yet every year businesses are fined for breaching the data protection act.

Businesses are unsure about what paper and documents they should be shredding too. We know that anything with an account number or anything legal should be shredded, but personnel or HR information is sometimes forgotten, as this information is not considered to be “client” information.

The Data Protection Act of 1998 is based around the principles of “Good Information Handling” and in fact any piece of information that could cause upset or harm to an individual or company, if that information was to get into the wrong hands, is considered a breach of the data protection Act 1998.

A lot of companies, because of this adopt a “shred everything” policy.

For larger organisations, and also for organisations handling a lot of personal data (such as doctors, dentists, hospitals etc) having proof that the data was shredded properly is important to their business.

The reassurance that their data has been handled in the correct way, having that audit trail, reassures them that they are following the letter of the law.

An Onsite Paper Shredding Service company, who comes to you to shred your business paper and documents, means there is no room for error too.

So if you are in any way concerned about your documents and your data protection systems, please call Restore for a no obligation discussion based around your needs and requirements.