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Records Management System How does your Relate to the DPA 2018?

The Data Protection Act, including the most recent GDPR update, applies to personal information relating to living individuals. How your company gathers, processes use, and stores that data has to comply with a number of rules. Among these rules are guidelines about the secure retention of the data you hold, how long you should keep it, and your ability to recover data when requested.

As a responsible business owner or manager, it is your duty to ensure that your company has a secure and effective data management system in place. Having good records management policies and procedures in place will help ensure that you remain completely compliant with the current Data Protection Act. Restore Records offer a Records Management System and can assist you with your company data and records management so that you never fall foul of any Data Protection regulations.

What is a good way to archive my business paper documents?

For your business paperwork, you will need to organise an effective archive system that allows you to securely store away paperwork that is still useful to your company and hasn't reached the end of its useful life. A small to medium-sized business can usually manage this by using secure, lockable, fire-proof filing cabinets and storage cupboards that are kept away from water pipes and stored chemicals.

For older paperwork or files that you know you may not need to access frequently, or hardly ever, then archiving these documents in secure off-site storage facilities can be a much more cost-effective solution to keeping them stored on your business premises and taking up precious space for what could be many years.

Using a Records management System through an acclaimed company such as Restore Document Management makes perfect sense. We can offer you a secure storage solution for your business paperwork in an environment that is protected from insect, rodent, or environmental damage.

We have 70 off-site archive storage facilities based all over the country, so there is going to be one close to your business to make it easy for your access and retrieve your files whenever you need them in the future.

You can trust our security measures for the secure collection and transportation of your records with our vetted staff, GPS-tracked vehicles, access control, fire suppressants, and air and humidity control.

Operations to BS7858:2012, BS1571:2009, and USSA Code of Practice standards and O’Neil’s and Dovetail software programs that provide controlled access to your records.

What sort of business records and documents can you manage?

Many people believe that you can only store certain types of business paperwork in secure off-site storage facilities. The truth is that all business paperwork has value to your company, so it all needs taking good care of. A business can generate any number of invoices, letters, payment reminders, printed email copies, sales and marketing brochures, financial balance sheets, spreadsheets, quarterly reports, and project reports – we could go on here.

Additionally, UK law states that there are certain types of records that we need to keep for a number of years, and in some instances forever. Documents such as Wills, Birth Certificates, and Property Deeds are prim examples of those we need to keep, which means that most solicitors should be using a company like Restore to ensure they are storing their customer information in a safe and secure way. 

No business owner wants any of their paperwork to be left exposed to the risks of theft or damage through fire, flood, or vandalism. This is why it can pay you to place your document management into the hands of seasoned professionals such as Restore Document Management.

Our contemporary end-to-end Records Management System helps to keep your confidential data safe and secure while keeping your company fully compliant with current Data Protection Laws.

This is not only good for the security of your business but following best practices is great for your business reputation too. From the initial uplift of your archive documents to placement into our near or deep storage facilities to compliant file/asset management – you will remain in control of your business records without the hassle or worry of keeping them safe and secure on your own business premises.

How do I store very old or vintage business records and documents?

There will be many business documents that will go onto the back burner of your document management system until they have reached the end of their useful life. At this point, you could choose to safely dispose of them through secure shredding. However, there will always be certain business documents that are more precious than others. These may be very old or historical records that your company wants to hold on to for posterity.

Sometimes a company may own vintage paperwork that dates back to the businesses' inception from a century ago, or even longer! How will these precious documents be filed? In these cases, you may be looking for something more than a secure deep storage solution.
Restore Document Management operates a bespoke Heritage Storage system where you can place your valuable or fragile records in a special temperature-controlled environment. We have stringent security and control measures in place to take proper care of your precious documents, so you can have great peace of mind.

For more information on how Restore can support you or for a tour of the historic Cold War airbase, please get in touch with Michael Watts, Senior Manager Heritage Sector

How do I store very valuable sensitive business data?

A lot of businesses will keep records that contain sensitive and confidential data about their customers, business partners, financial details, and more, where a higher level of security is needed to ensure there is zero risk of any company data breaches.

In these instances, trusting your office filing cabinets or a self-storage solution where storage premises are unmanned and relatively easy to break into isn't the best idea for the security of your business data.

When you need an extra level of security to protect your company data, you should choose Restore’s ultra-secure storage vaults. Our ultra-secure vaults are built within an ex-military establishment that was literally carved out of stone. Your records will be safely locked away in a vault that is many feet below ground level and is even invisible to the Google eye satellite camera.

We even offer a specialised tailored service where we can organise the storage space to fit your needs.  About our Ultra Secure Vault Service:

• PD5454:2012 conservation standard
• RFID tags
• Specialist air handling, cutting edge desiccant technology
• Choice of entry pads and locks
• Specialist racking
• On- and off-site online software tracking, from desk-to-desk to vault
• Conservation advice
• Specialist account management

How do I keep my computer back up tapes safe?

When a company suffers from an emergency crisis, such as a fire outbreak or serious flood, then it can be utterly devastating for business. What can often make the situation much worse is that many business owners make the mistake of keeping their computer back up tapes on their premises?

A serious fire or flood emergency can cause a lot of disruption and downtime that will be hard to recover from, but should your business also lose all of your back up tapes, then the situation can be made much worse with irreparable damage done to your business.

The only way to keep your back up tapes truly safe from risk is to keep them in secure off-site magnetic tape storage facilities. So no matter whether your company suffers from a major incident that causes untold physical disaster, or you fall victim to a cyber-attack or virus that brings down your system, you can rest assured that you will not lose all of your precious data. We can help you to restore your backup files to get back up and running in no time.

How do you track stored records, documents, and files?

Many business owners worry that putting their files into some sort of off-site storage facility will mean that they will remain locked away, never to be seen again. This is simply not true! Many business owners also believe that their files are simply packed away on storage shelves in no particular order. This scares them because it would be a complete nightmare for them to locate and retrieve an important document that they may need in the future. Again, this isn't true either!

Restore uses a sophisticated file tracking system called Dovetail that enables us to record and track every piece of your information. This will ensure that your business remains future-proofed and will help you to comply with audits and changing data protection regulations.

By using Dovetail, we can ensure that all of your assets are recorded and tracked so you will know exactly where every piece of your information is being kept, whether that is in one of our local storage facilities, or in a deep storage area. Dovetail also integrates with your own management system as well as our own professional O’Neil’s document management software.

You can have great peace of mind knowing that you can access all of your information through a single management hub. You can seamlessly schedule your end of life disposal schedule to securely dispose of files that have reached the end of their useful life. This helps to keep your archive size under control and not wasted on redundant files.

How does online document management work?

Our Online Document Management system uses cutting-edge software that allows you instant access, visibility, and fast traceability of your stored files and company assets. You can access our management program directly from your own desktop, so you have the convenience of locating needed files right at your fingertips.

Not only that, but there is no need to worry about having to download or install the software by yourself. We will arrange for a Restore Records IT engineer to come out to your workplace to set up the system for you and then provide comprehensive training for your key staff members who will be involved in using the system.

We use RS SQL – under industry-standard brand name O’Neil’s – as our go-to archive and asset-tracking software program. This program will enable you to fully manage and monitor all of your files from your desktop with ease, including collections, retrievals, bar-coding, scan on demand.

And what's more, our online document management system will not cost you a single penny! Do not hesitate to contact our team to find out more about our cutting-edge system and how we can help organise your company's storage and filing systems.

Should all businesses be freeing up their office space and archiving their documents in a secure storage facility?

The simple answer to this question is – yes! Using Restore Document Management for your secure document storage solution would be a great step to take to safeguard your company files in secure storage facilities that are protected from fire, flood, vandalism, and pests. Restore has an excellent security record that is appreciated by many leading companies and organisations across the country.

There is no worry about your confidential paperwork becoming lost in a sea of files. We ensure that all of your information is documented, well organised, and protected to the highest of security levels, but also ensure that you can get instant access to your files whenever you need to retrieve any information.

With the latest GDPR revisions now in place, we understand that companies can face some very harsh penalties should they find themselves in breach of the new regulations. By using our secure storage facilities you will be ensuring that your company will continue to be compliant with all data protection rules and regulations with regard to keeping confidential information safely stored away from the risk of data breaches or accidental exposure.

How do I know I am GDPR Compliant?

With the newly revised General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming in to force, your company has to ensure that you have the right systems in place for the safe handling and storage of your company files and paperwork to prevent data breaches or sensitive information being exposed through careless handling or inappropriate storage.

Restore operates to a strict set of rules that comply with current data protection act regulations, including the newly updated GDPR requirements. Our staff is very experienced and well-versed in all matters of data protection, so if you need expert help and guidance to help better manage your company data and confidential information, then we are here to help!

We can help you to understand the risks that paper records present to your company regarding GDPR, and we can advise about the best ways to manage and securely store your sensitive financial and personal information to ensure your company is compliant with all current legislation.

Where can I get secure storage and confidential waste bins from?

You don't have to worry about sourcing the proper secure storage solutions for your company files, tapes, data drives, and disks. Restore has a range of secure industry-standard storage solutions in our online shop. This will give you great peace of mind knowing that your sensitive assets are being stored and protected safely from the elements.

We understand that you will also need to have secure confidential waste bins and collection solutions in place to keep all of your sensitive data safe before secure disposal. Our range of collection bins and secure sacks are ideal to place around your office and are very unobtrusive and slimline in design. You can find our range of collection bins in our online store.

Take a look at our website for a comprehensive overview of all Restore Records business services.