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How can I easily manage all of my company technology assets throughout their lifetime?

We can all agree that modern technology is a wonderful thing, but just as new innovations are constantly being developed and launched, we need to have a good management plan in place for our business technology assets. Every piece of IT and telecommunications equipment will eventually reach the end of it's natural life, so there needs to be a sound lifetime management plan in action to get the most from your technology assets both during and after their useful life. Restore Technology are here to help!

Do you Need Secure Heritage Storage?

Whether you are in need of secure heritage storage for rare museum pieces that are shown in rotation, or you have fragile antiques and artwork that needs specialised climate-controlled storage facilities, Restore Heritage Storage has the ideal solution for you.

Secure Offsite Tape Storage for your Business

Your tapes are also at high risk of damage from fire or flood, especially if they are being incorrectly stored or kept together with paper documents that are also susceptible to fire. This is why you should seriously consider secure offsite tape storage.

Reasons Why you should have On-Site Confidential Shredding Services

Restore Datashred are industry experts offering state of the art confidential shredding services to businesses and the public sector alike. We are well versed in current data protection laws, so our secure confidential shredding services have been designed to comply with all current regulations.