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Restore’s Paper Shredding Process

In this day and age, when digital information is growing in sensitivity, making sure that personal information is kept secure and confidential is vital. That is why the shredding of confidential and sensitive paperwork should be considered a top priority.


Our Shredding Services:


Here at Restore we offer a range of services where we can ensure that your sensitive documents are disposed of correctly and securely.

  • Onsite Paper Shredding - we offer onsite paper shredding, this is where our mobile paper shredding vehicles will come to your premises and shred everything on site that you require. When this has been carried out, you will be presented with a certificate of destruction and when required a certificate of recycling will be issued with your invoice.

  • Off Site Paper Shredding - This service is where we will come to your office and collect the documentation that you require shredding. We will then transport it in sealed containers to one of our highly secure and environmentally friendly destruction sites. Here it will be destroyed and recycled beyond any form of recognition. This service can be a one off or you can schedule to have it at regular intervals. You will be issued with a certificate of destruction and a certification of recycling.


Unsure Of What to Shred?


If you are really unsure of what you and your company should be shredding, apart from the sensitive and confidential details of your customers and your employees personal data, then we at Restore can come and perform a free audit to help you identify other documentation that you should be submitting to a paper shredding company.


Find Out More:


If you would like to find out more about our paper shredding services or about the other storage services we have to offer then call us on: 0333 220 9689.