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Secure shredding services

Protecting your Data – Document Shredding

In this digital age we are all overly conscious of the importance of protecting our digital data from cybercrime such as data theft, identity theft and fraud, however many companies succumb to a more conventional type of crime and that is information stolen from paperwork. Even using a basic shredder in the office still does not provide 100% protection of yours and your clients information.

Using a Secure Shredding Service

For the proper disposal of paperwork, it is vital to use a secure shredding service who using state of the art shredders can effortlessly destroy your documents so that they cannot be re-assembled and their contents discovered. Of course you could probably handle this yourself but then taking in the amount of time and money it costs you to ensure every document is properly destroyed usually far outweighs the cost of a professional service who can shred large quantities very quickly and effectively.

The Convenience of a Secure Shredding Service

One of the key conveniences of using a secure shredding service is the flexibility it gives you, they can offer on-site shredding of your sensitive information through their mobile shredding service and shred vast quantities in a short space of time. If it is preferable they can also take your documents and paperwork away to be shredded and then dispose of in a safe and secure manner allowing you to concentrate on the important factors of your business whilst having the peace of mind that yours and your clients information have been disposed of in a safe and secure manner.

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