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Secure Vault Storage from Restore Records Management

When you need to go the extra mile to protect possessions that are of extreme value to you, then Restore are here to help you! We offer Secure Vault Storage solutions for our clients that are looking to have great peace of mind through secure off-site storage for their precious items.

Or secure vault storage service is actually based out of sight, deep underground in a location that cannot be identified on any online map services. Even the walls have been carved out of stone, so there is zero chance of anyone intentionally driving a vehicle into the facility to attempt a smash and run type of theft.

How does the secure vault storage service work?

We have different sizes of secure vaults on offer, so you can choose an appropriate size vault to suit your needs. There is also a choice of security levels that we can apply to your vault to give you that extra peace of mind.

Should you be worried about the safe transportation of your precious items during transit to our secure vault storage site, then you can be rest assured that this has been taken care of too with our RFID Tags and cutting-edge online software that tracks the movement of your important items from your possession to your secure vault.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help and guidance about what type or level of security your secure vault storage should have.