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SHRED ALL POLICIES ? David English asks the experts by: David Prestage....

David Prestage....

Keeping your company’s information secure must be a top priority. The risks of not doing so can result in financial loss damage of reputation and worse. However, creating and implementing an information security policy can be a daunting prospect, particularly when legislation and new scams are evolving so quickly. That is why many companies are now implementing “shred all policies” as a way to combat these risks.

In simple terms, a shred all policy means the secure destruction of all documents, once they are no longer needed. By having one bin for all paper, the decision of classifying whether a document is confidential or not has been removed from the employee and thus reduces the risk of it being leaked . The document simply needs to be disposed of into a secure container, so that it can be subsequently shredded and recycled.

Benefits of a shred all system

  1. Less risk
  2. Asking employees to decide what needs confidential shredding introduces a subjective element or at the very least may expose a gap in information security training. Shred all policy reduces the risk that the information will be exposed into the wider public realm.
  3. Improved compliance
  4. Demonstrating improved compliance will provide your customers with the peace of mind that none of their commercially sensitive information will be leaked.
  5. Saves Money
  6. By separating confidential and non confidential paper it then creates a need for an additional recycling container. As well of the cost of the bins, this takes up floor space which in an expensive commodity in London.
  7. Environmentally beneficial
  8. All paper once shredded is 100% recycled. Through closed loop recycling solutions this can be purchased back as new recycled paper or in tissue / hygiene products.

Cons of the shred all system

  1. Increased cost
  2. Obviously, by increasing the amount of material that needs shredding this will undoubtedly increase the overall cost. However, there are economies of scale to consider as collection costs can be counter balanced by increasing revenues from the material and when considered against the financial penalties associated with a breach, the additional cost can be more easily justified.
  3. Culture change and resistance

Sometimes a change in the office can unsettle staff. This can be remedied by ensuring staff are engaged at an early stage and allowed to provide feedback as to how best to move these ideas forward. With these considerations in mind, it may be that a shred-all policy ensuring complete document destruction makes sense as a way for your company to better secure its paper documents.

If you have any questions or would like assistance in setting up a shred all policy, please call David Prestage, UK Sales Manager on 07786 130 615