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Stop Low Tech Hacking With Secure On Site Shredding Services


With business owners more focused on thwarting cyber-hacking and digital data theft these days than ever before, they are actually opening themselves up to more risks by letting their guard down on other forms of security – such as data breaches through careless paperwork management and secure data disposal.

Just about every business will still generate and maintain paper documents that contain sensitive information. While it is important to keep your business paperwork confidential and safely locked away in filing cabinets and lockable storage cupboards, when this paperwork comes to the end of its useful life, then care still needs to be taken with its disposal.

There are two ways that a business owner can manage the secure disposal of sensitive paperwork – on site shredding or off site shredding.


Secure On Site Shredding

With on site shredding, you get the added benefit of actually watching over the whole data destruction process from start to finish. This means that you can actually witness for yourself the secure destruction of your company documents and can be left fully reassured that there is zero risk of any data breaches happening.

With Restore Datashred secure on site shredding services, you will actually have our trusted team of data destruction experts come out to your business premises, bringing with us our cutting-edge mobile shredding vehicles and equipment.


Secure Data Collection

There is no need to worry about the safe handling of your sensitive materials because as part of our service, we will provide your company with a choice of secure collection units to collect together your redundant paperwork. This can be in the form of large-sized lockable bins, collection sacks that can be tied up with a secure tie once full, or secure consoles and cabinets that really don't look obvious or out of place in a regular office.

Your choice of data collection system will depend on the volume of sensitive paperwork that your company produces over a set period of time. We can help you choose the right option that fits the best with your way of working.

We are also aware that you don't want or need to have a large volume of redundant sensitive paperwork building up in your workplace, so we will work out a plan for how frequently you will need to have your data disposed of. Our trusted and highly experienced team will come out to your premises to securely shred your paperwork at a pre-arranged time and date, and our security officers will present your staff with their ID so that you know the team is genuine.


Mobile shredding vehicles

Restore Datashred manage a fleet of cutting-edge, secured vehicles that carry our shredding equipment. All of our vehicles are operated by fully vetted, experienced and knowledgeable staff that will quickly work through the destruction of large volumes of paperwork, without needing to leave your premises.

You can inspect the finished results to put your mind at rest that your confidential data has been destroyed beyond any recognition. Even then, our expert team will take every care to securely transport your shredded data to our disposal unit for further processing or recycling.

We employ a fleet of modern, secure vehicles with state-of-the-art shredders installed capable of working through huge volumes on-site. These vehicles are driven by security-vetted, uniformed operatives who will come to you according to a pre-agreed schedule so your confidential waste is destroyed beyond recognition before it even leaves your premises.

Find out more about our secure datashred services, or contact us to speak to one of our friendly customer service team members.


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