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Take Confidentiality Even Further With Our Secure Vault Storage

There is something very impressive about the idea of having your documents deep underground in an ex-military establishment that no one would be able to find (not even by using Google Maps). The thought of it might remind you of a James Bond film, exciting yet still secure. You can be sure that by using our secure vault storage, your confidential documents and data will never be found by anyone that shouldn’t have access to them and with the new data protection rules coming in next year, we are making sure our services are as secure as they can be.

Why Do You Need To Use Vault Storage?

You’re probably thinking, “I already use off-site storage that is already secure enough, why would I need vault storage?” Well our secure vault storage is for information that is so valuable you need to take privacy and security even further. You will be given support and be advised to speak to us in confidence so we can help you decide what tailor-made specialist vault storage would be most beneficial to you and your needs. Going into more depth, some more benefits of using vault storage are:


  • Access control and more security regarding staff - when using vault storage, you can be sure that those that have access have the appropriate security credentials and only those vetted completely to the highest of quality can be given access. This is to make sure that there is another layer of access control and displays the seriousness of the security of this data and documents.

  • Protected from fire and environmental changes - being hidden deep in the ground and also having internal insulation, vault storage is protected from fire for up to a few hours and also it protects from the fire igniting any materials inside. Monitoring the vault storage is also quite simple and allows us to identify any environmental issues that may arise and change what we need to accordingly. If the temperature changes and could have an effect on some of the data or documents stored in the vault, this is quickly identified and action can be taken.

  • Monitoring movement - you are able to track your important data and documents wherever it is on its journey. You can monitor your assets and their movement from desk-to-vault. As well as this, your data and documents will also be monitored 24 hours a day by CCTV and so there is no way your information will be left in the wrong hands or go missing, you will know exactly where it is at any time.

  • Quick and easy access - with a specialist account manager, you will be able to access your documents as quickly and easily as possible, bearing in mind the time taken to get the documents from underground in the remote location onto your desk. If you give a time they are needed by, you can be sure they will be ready and available for you.



At Restore Storage, we take confidentiality and privacy very seriously and are always testing the security and safety of the documents in our secure vault storage. With us, you can choose what size and amount of security you will need and our vault storage also has some added extras covering BS 5454, specialist air handling, a choice of entry pads and locks, conservation advice, specialist racking and other features.

If you are interested in using our secure vault storage but feel like you want some more information on it first, then contact us to learn more and we can help support and advise you on your decision. If you are interested in Restore Storage and want to know what other services we have to offer that might better suit you, then feel free to explore our website or contact us. We will be happy to help and look forward to hearing from you.