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The importance of mobile device recycling

“I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things we could use” - Mother Teresa. 

In today’s society we are now all realising the utmost importance that recycling has on sustaining our environment. When the term ‘recycling’ is used most people think of milk bottles and cardboard, however something else that we use on a daily basis can also be recycled when it's no longer in use - your mobile phone. 

It is estimated that there are around 794 million mobile phones in Europe, so you can probably guess why it is important for us to think about disposing of the technology we no longer use in the correct way. 

We know that on your phones usually contain personal information such as phone numbers or business details therefore we believe it is essential for us to offer a secure solution to remove data such as this from all types of mobile devices including smartphones, blackberrys and tablets. 

“What process do you use to wipe data off securely?” 

Here at Restore we work with our accredited partner, Tabernus, and use their DataWipe Phone Erasure Software to carry out a three step service which either happens on site or at our facilities. 

Step 1 - We restore the device to factory condition 

Step 2 - We load DataWipe and overwrite the desired number of passes 

Step 3 - We remove DataWipe and restore the phone to factory condition 

After these steps a report and full audit trail is done in order for you to keep this record. Want to know more about our mobile device recycling service? Visit our website today 

To help you decide: 

We’re the largest, UK-owned, Document Management company. Plc backed, we are fully accredited in terms of quality and compliance standards from Legal Admissibility, through to Secure Storage and a host of physical security and transport security standards. 

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