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The Inevitable Cloud

Gone are the days when an IT manager wandered into the FD’s office with a Purchase order and the Director signed it without a second thought. Today, purchasing IT services and equipment has to be fully justified otherwise it ends up on the “to do” list and never happens.

So what brought about the change?

Undoubtedly everybody has more IT knowledge than they had 30 years ago and even the most non-IT person takes a passing interest in technology; But to understand the real drivers behind IT spending you have to first look at the business issues.

The last decade has seen a roller coaster ride for the economy and businesses have had to adapt to the changing landscape. For many businesses this agility to move into different markets, change the structure of the business and find more efficient ways of operating has been the difference between success and failure.

So why is cloud technology inevitable?

If agility in business is the key to success then a cloud solution is the perfect partner and delivers:

Flexibility and scalability: Cloud computing allows businesses to add or reduce computing power and users as and when they need it.

Pay only for what you use: Cloud computing is charged based on the services you use therefore keeping costs to the minimum.

Secure sharing of data: In a competitive market businesses need to share critical information in a secure environment, cloud storage is a secure and efficient way to store and share documents between offices and mobile users.

The future: as in business, no one can be certain of what the future technology holds but by using cloud technology you can try new services at the click of a mouse before you purchase, giving you the guarantee you are getting value for money for your business.

Agility in business requires agility in technology and Restore Cloud Services can match the right services to support your business.