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The many Benefits of Secure Shredding for your Business

Regardless of the business that you are in, you will be keeping records and documents that contain a lot of sensitive data, whether that is your employee information or the personal details of your business customers. You are obliged by law to keep this information secure and private at all times.

Even when your stored files and paperwork have reached the end of their useful life, you cannot simply discard them in your general waste or local authority recycling waste bin for processing. Doing this would risk exposing sensitive information about individuals – either customers or your own staff – where their identity can be stolen and used to scam the individual out of a lot of money and destroy their credit history.

Data breaches are taken very seriously by the government, so even when a piece of paperwork holds no further value to your company, in the hands of a criminal it can be incredibly valuable. It is your responsibility to prevent sensitive data collected by your company from falling into the wrong hands. Failing to do so can bring your business severe penalties that your company may never recover from.

Secure Shredding Solution

While at home, we may be content to shred our own household letters and paperwork using a standard off the shelf home shredder. However, when running a business that handles a lot of sensitive information, it would be wise to employ professional secure shredding to handle your business confidential waste.

Restore Datashred offer a well-established and trusted document destruction service where we can come out to your business premises to conduct on-site secure shredding, or alternatively, if you lack the available space to accommodate our shredding vehicles, then you can choose our off site secure shredding services.

Whichever service suits your business the most, either on-site or off-site secure shredding will involve a highly secure procedure that ensures the complete destruction of your confidential data for your peace of mind.

Let's take a look at just some of the benefits of using Restore Datashred secure shredding services:

Save valuable time

Your employees have better things to do with their time than to stand and shred your confidential waste. Using your own staff may look easy and convenient, but doing this can seriously reduce your productivity levels, and your distracted staff will still need to play catch-up with their own workload once they return to their normal duties.

Guaranteed secure disposal

With Restore Datashred, you will be assured that all sensitive data will be completely destroyed beyond recognition. You will even get a certificate of destruction on completion so you have a traceable timeline for your paperwork should your company be audited.

Witness your data destruction

If you choose our on-site secure shredding services, you can personally witness the complete destruction of your confidential data so you will know first-hand that there is zero chance of any sensitive data leaving your business premises intact.

A company you can trust

Should you choose our off-site secure shredding services, your confidential waste will be handled and removed by our team of professionally trained and qualified security staff. We have a very strict handling procedure that our team follows for collecting your confidential waste.

Tracked vehicles

Our off-site secure shredding services uses our own fleet of fully tracked security vehicles. Your confidential waste will be fully monitored and tracked throughout it's transportation to our secure shredding facilities.

Secure destruction facilities

On arrival at or secure destruction facility, your confidential data is constantly monitored throughout its removal from our security vehicles right through to the moment it is fed into the jaws of our state-of-the-art industrial shredding machines.

You will receive a signed and dated official Certificate of Destruction once your secure shredding has been completed.

Find out more about our secure datashred services, or contact us to speak to one of our friendly customer service team members.


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