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Top 10 tips to protect your business, by David Prestage

“Less than 20% of UK small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) back up all of their data and more the 20% have lost some critical data in the past 2 years, a recent study has revealed”.

18th march 2013 - The Onyx Group

The threat of a data breach is ever present and the consequences are potentially devastating, particularly if you work with confidential or sensitive information.

Top 10 tips to protect your business:

  1. Identify the sensitive data your business holds and where it is stored.
  2. The fewer copies of data you have, the easier it is to protect.
  3. By encrypting your data you vastly reduce the risk of data being compromised if a breach does occur.
  4. Introduce and communicate a clear privacy policy and build the protection of sensitive data into the company culture.
  5. Hire the right people. If a potential employee is to have access to sensitive information, then criminal record and credit history checks should be completed.
  6. It should go without saying that your business needs a good firewall and a secure wireless connection.
  7. Most businesses understand the importance of anti-virus software, but then allow it to fall hopelessly out of date. When your software asks to be updated, update it!
  8. Strong passwords are vital. Change them on a regular basis and make them a decent length.
  9. Applications should only be downloaded from trusted sources; if you have any doubts leave it well alone.
  10. Data in paper form can be more of a risk than the information contained on computers. All business information destined for the bin should be shredded.

If you have any questions or would like assistance in setting up a shred all policy, please call David Prestage, UK Sales Manager on 07786 130 615