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Use Our Shred On-Site Service To Alleviate Your Worries

If you own a business, you’ll already be aware of the huge amount of documents that need to be shredded on a daily basis, just to keep you compliant with UK legislation and to protect the privacy of your valued customers. However, this can also cause you a lot of nervousness as a business owner. You might be worried about what happens to your confidential documents when you send them away to be destroyed. What if something happens to them while they’re being transported, or at their destination?
If this is a concern for you, then our on-site shredding service will be the perfect solution! On-site shredding has many benefits to your business, from the convenience of being able to decide how often you want your papers shredded to the confidence of being able to watch our competent, professional shredders at work. It’ll also save you time, as surely the hours you spend worrying about your papers would be better spent working on your business. The papers will stay at your offices where you can see them and feel secure about their safety until they are completely shredded – only then will we dispose of them for you. This way, you get to feel completely sure that your valuable information is kept safe and confidential.
We will send our fast, efficient mobile paper shredders to your business as often as you need them, to destroy as much material as you like. As well as shredding your confidential documents, we will also provide you with a Certificate of Destruction, which you can then keep in order to prove that your business is compliant with the Data Protection Act. With our mobile shredding service, we can issue this certificate immediately, meaning you can file it away and not have to wait or worry about it. If you’d like to experience a simpler, trouble-free way of disposing of sensitive documents, please contact us about our shred on-site service today.