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Why to choose a secure vault for your document storage needs

“Knowledge is Power”

Although this can often be taken as a positive quote, when it comes to business, too much information getting into the wrong hands could be disastrous. This is why we believe it’s important for you to be in control of your company data at all times, and ensure you get the balance between accessibility, logistics and compliance just right. 

Here at Restore we are able to offer you a secure off site storage solution to meet your business security needs. At our premises we have over 5 million square feet (yes you did read that correctly!) of secure, flood proof space that you can use at your disposal to house your important company documents.

We are able to offer you different storage options that can be tailored to your needs in order to ensure that you have peace of mind that your data is secure. 

Our secure storage options include: 

Near Storage

If having quick access to your company's documents is vital then choosing our near storage option may be the best solution for you. Using our O’Neil Software you are able to track any documents you require, and then order them to be delivered to your workplace either by phone or online. 

Deep Storage

If you have any documents to store that need to meet compliance regulations, such as deeds, wills or medical records, then our deep storage option may be the ideal business solution for you. All deep storage can be managed electronically through off site tracking making it easy for you to see where it is located, or see the date that it can be destroyed or recycled after it has been there a period of time. 

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