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Why use Restore for your Offsite Tape Storage?

Whether you’re part of a large organisation or running your own small business, it’s important to always ensure your documents are stored in a safe place, so that they can be accessed whenever needed without their security being compromised. 

What we can offer

The use of ‘Green Gas’ to protect your tapes

Here at Restore we are proud to use Inergen Premier for our fire suppression system. The benefits of using ‘green gas’ in a fire is that it doesn’t leave behind any harmful substances. Also as we are always trying to help the environment, using Inergen Premier means using as low carbon as possible as it has zero impact on the ozone layer.

Secure Locations

Are you worried about how your tapes are going to be kept secure? Our locations offer a variety of different security measures to ensure that your storage is always kept safe. These measures include: 

  • 24 hour CCTV
  • Fire Suppression System in case of an emergency (as mentioned above)
  • Security Entry System
  • Temperature & Humidity Control

Online Backup storage

As an alternative to physically storing your tapes and other documents at our facility, we also offer a system whereby you can backup your data regularly to ensure nothing gets lost or accidently deleted. This could be beneficial to your business as then your data would also be stored remotely in three different secure locations. 

Want to know more about the Offsite Tape Storage solutions we can offer you? Visit our website today or call our team on 0333 220 9689  to discuss your options with us.