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Why you should have On-Site Confidential Shredding Services


A business has a lot to lose if it fails to take good care of it's confidential information and sensitive data records. No matter what business sector you are in, you will need to keep financial records for a number of years to satisfy HMRC, should your company ever have to go through an audit.

As well as confidential company financial records, you will also need to keep secure all the personal details of the customers or clients that you sell to, or the details of the businesses you trade with if you are a B2B company.

When you think about it, an average sized business will need to keep safe and secure a whole gamut of sensitive data, from employee details to suppliers, producers and end consumers. To comply with the current Data Protection Act, all personal data held by a business needs to be held securely and used appropriately. Since the latest GDPR update, what a company does with the data it holds about a person should be made clear to the owner, and permission sought from them to either keep their data or to delete it from their database.

The latest GDPR shake-up has seen thousands of businesses left with paperwork that contains sensitive data that needs securely disposing of. Although the latest update to the Data Protection Act was a welcome one, it still means that there is a high risks of data breaches happening when a company incorrectly disposes of it's redundant confidential paperwork.

To prevent low-level identity theft from happening, your company is obliged to destroy confidential paperwork in a safe and secure manner that ensures that no information is made public or falls into the wrong hands. The most secure and effective way to dispose of unwanted confidential waste is to have is professionally shredded either on-site on your own business premises, or taken to a specialist data destruction plant for secure off-site disposal.


On Site Confidential Shredding Services

Restore Datashred are industry experts offering state of the art confidential shredding services to businesses and the public sector alike. We are well versed in current data protection laws, so our secure confidential shredding services have been designed to comply with all current regulations. Our services help businesses and organisation meet with their Data Protection Requirements in the following ways:

Medical industry

There are very specific rules regarding the safe disposal of medical records and patient information. We take care of the confidential shredding of patient financial, medical, and insurance information.

Corporate security

Big business data breaches can cost a company potentially millions of pounds in lost revenue. The corporate world can be a cut-throat industry where research and product development needs to be kept strictly confidential. The amount of paperwork generated here can be huge, so confidential shredding is a must for reports and research data.

Recruitment and employment 

Whenever a company looks to recruit new staff, your HR department will need to sort through a lot of CV's to draw up a shortlist for interview. Then they will need to obtain references, credit checks and criminal checks etc. All this gathered personal information will need to be securely disposed off once the recruitment process is over.

General business confidential waste

Just about every business will generate an amount of confidential paperwork that will need to be securely disposed off at the end of it's useful life. This will be everything from employee information as they leave the company to supplier and customer details. Not forgetting your own company financial records too!

Instil confidence in your clients or customers

Having Restore Datashred secure confidential shredding service on board will be very reassuring to your clients or customers. They will know that their personal information is being held in the safest of hands and that you are doing everything possible to protect it and keep it secure.

You can help to build a lot of trust from your customers because you can highlight on any agreements they sign with you that you have a very effective data disposal and confidential shredding procedure in place.

Find out more about our secure datashred services, or contact us to speak to one of our friendly customer service team members.


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