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Why Your Small Business Needs On Site Shredding


When you have worked hard to create your start-up and then equally hard to grow it into a small business, the last thing you want to do it fall foul of data protection laws.  With the new GDPR front of everyone’s mind, there are lots more people thinking about what happens to their data. A key part of that is physically stored data on your business premises – but why does this mean you need on site shredding services?

Why shredding matters

It may seem that shredding is just a nice way to make sure that all the paperwork is easy to dispose of in little strips or pieces.  In reality, it is a key part of complying with data protection regulations and ensuring that your company doesn’t end up with a nasty fine for not taking care of personal information.

It is important to understand what personal data is and why it matters.  Say you have two employees and have a manual file on them. This contains their personal data and you need to safeguard it.

Let’s say that one has had some life changes and you need to create a new page on them.  You throw the old one in the bin and it goes into the trash. Someone then gets this piece of paper and uses it to set up a fraudulent bank account.  Your company would be partly to blame for this because you didn’t shred their file and threw it out whole.

Protecting sensitive data

If on the other hand, you had shredded that piece of paper or used an on-site shredding service to handle it for you, there would be no way that the thief could get access to that information.  The shredded paper would be useless to anyone and the information would be obliterated forever.

Therefore, shredding and correct disposal of that shredded paper help to keep employee and customer data safe.  This is a key responsibility under data protection laws, of which the GDPR is the newest. While there has been a lot in the news about digital security and keeping data safe when stored online, physically stored data is just as vulnerable to theft.

If it goes wrong

The legislation isn’t without bite either if companies don’t follow through on their responsibilities.  You can receive a fine of up to £500,000 from the Information Commissioner's Office if you haven’t complied with the rules so it makes it sound financial sense to ensure you are shredding all possibly sensitive information.

Then there are the other side effects.  If you get a fine, it is likely to be in the news, even locally.  This means you face a loss of reputation as customers see you didn’t protect their information properly.  Some might even stop dealing with your company because they are worried their data isn’t protected. Other companies might not want to work with yours as they are uncertain that your processes are solid.

Other benefits

There are other benefits to consider when looking at the cost of on-site shredding – where the company visits your property, shreds the documents and takes the waste with them.  You can save space in the office as you don’t need to store all of this paperwork for long periods until it can be safely disposed of – you can arrange a schedule that suits your business needs.

You also don’t need to worry about buying and maintaining a shredder.  Okay, they don’t cost a fortune, but they can be bulky and awkward plus they are prone to overheating and not working.  No concerns in this area when you use a company that has their own state of the art shredding system to handle the job for you.

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