IT Managed Services

Managed Services are simply a way of hiring technical resource to help you in your business.

Over the last few years many services have been developed which include:-

  • Cloud based services for applications, infrastructure and storage, all of these services being accessible through the internet.
  • Outsource IT services when a company hands over part or all of their IT system to be managed and maintained by a third party
  • Help Desk and IT management services when a third party company acts as the company support desk to help users when they have a problem.

These services bring with them a number of benefits but generally the benefits which are measureable fall into 3 categories:-

  • We need additional resource for a limited period and don’t want to invest in it
  • We want to focus on our core strengths to grow our business and I.T. isn’t one of them
  • It’s cheaper and more cost effective to outsource

So for today’s business environment it’s important to clearly identify what IT services your business needs and how you intend to procure them, then, it’s just a case of finding the right company to partner with. A word of warning, I.T. partnerships that work well can be extremely beneficial for both parties but when one side decides to end the relationship it can be both time consuming costly.

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