Restore Small Office Cloud

Restore Small Office Cloud is new secure cloud storage offering for domestic and home office users to help with ever more complex lives and information. All of us have sensitive, important physical documents and files around the house; property deeds, wills, insurance documents, passport photocopies, or simply precious family photographs.

Imagine your own digital filing cabinet. Imagine all your paperwork securely in one place, accessible at the touch of a button. Organise your paperwork or let one of our consultants do it for you. We then scan, sort, upload and store your paperwork into your own digital filing cabinet. Every document is searchable and ready to view wherever you are. You can add to your filing cabinet over time whenever it suits you, and all of your documents are protected by state of the art technology. With Restore HomeCloud you can protect your valuable documents, giving you, your family or your business, complete peace of mind, and protecting your precious memories for generations.

Our flexible packages mean you can either scan your documents from home and upload them to our site, courier your documents for us to scan or Restore can send a personal assistant to your home to advise you on how long certain legal documents need to be kept, categorising and indexing vital paperwork and scanning your documents whilst taking the originals to be stored safely away from your house.

Safe and Secure – your digitised Restore HomeCloud documents are all encrypted to UK Online Banking standards, whilst originals can be stored in ISO 14001 accredited, 24-7 patrolled; secure and fireproofed premises for your peace of mind.

You can add new, updated documents or photographs to your virtual filing cabinet, at any time in the future, or request we retrieve and courier physical copies of your stored documents or photographs at 48hrs notice, whenever you need them.


  • Secure Cloud storage
  • Simple Software
  • Easy to choose service level
  • Secure online
  • Multi-Account
  • Bespoke projects


  • Instant access to your documents online home or abroad
  • Access on your laptop, tablet and phone (iOS & Android)
  • Self-scan feature through to a PA coming to your home
  • Peace of mind – encryption software used by UK banks
  • Share with spouse or give your son/daughter passwords for Power of Attorney

Our home filing systems are woefully behind the times. Papers stuffed in boxes, documents in the loft, and important letters on top of the wardrobe. Let Restore HomeCloud show you how we can take you to the digital world.

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