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A message from Restore Datashred's MD, Duncan Gooding 

January Covid-19 Update



The new announcements from the government concerning the January/February national lock down adds another twist to the roller coaster ride that most businesses find themselves on. I can confirm that Datashred is open for business and ready to service all current and new customers.

Throughout last year we seen many of our customers reset the working from home approach to a more balanced working from home and the office. Lots of buildings are now occupied, albeit with few people than this time last year.  Our objective is to make sure our customers have the peace of mind that all confidential waste is appropriately destroyed and issued with a certificate of destruction. 

With the new regional and national tiered lockdowns, what is your plan for your people and the office environment? A customer I recently spoke to asked us to re-instate their collection service across all their locations, irrelevant to the amount of staff they have in them. The business has recognised it only takes one piece of confidential paper being leaked into the public domain to destroy a company’s reputation. Datashred’s services guarantee this won’t happen.

Across our diverse client base, Datashred continues to see that one size does not fit all and a mixture of approaches are being undertaken on how to best plan for the way forward. We are very happy to discuss what we are seeing in your industry and/or regionally and can offer further assistance in finding a solution in these uncertain times.

My team are very focused on making sure we maintain service levels. All our teams are key workers supporting other key worker services. Datashred supports many hospitals and medical facilities across the UK. We support a range of government and other key national businesses. This means we are maintaining our services throughout the lockdown period. We are very conscious that lockdowns result in offices being skeleton staffed, schools being closed and more employees now working from remote settings. As a supplier we will do all we can to support you through these difficult times. 

Please speak to your account representative or service desk should you want to discuss the options open to you individually or as a business.

We are very much open for new enquiries or if you want us to explain a new service. Our dedicated sales teams are available. You can contact them at or call them directly on 0800 376 4422.

Datashred recognises the next few months ahead are still going to be challenging for business and, as previously stated, we will support all our customers wherever possible.

If you would like to discuss any of the above points further, then please call our customer service team on 0330 1624 957.

Duncan Gooding, Restore Datashred Managing Director