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A message from Restore Datashred's MD, Duncan Gooding


Ducan-linkedinWe are facing unknown and untested times across the UK, but also across the globe.

DataShred's commitment is to the safety of our team but also our customers. We are providing extra services and support for our customers at the frontline of the pandemic. This includes the NHS, blue light services and the supporting supply chains.

To ensure we can still meet our customers' needs, we are working in a way that minimises Covid19. This includes enhanced hygiene procedures, home working and flexible working as well as minimising non-essential interaction with customers.

We have also integrated these best practices into our frontline service teams with increased hygiene when visiting customer sites or working with our supply chain.

Datashred has also updated all our business continuity processes taking into consideration some of the more unique challenges a pandemic can present. These are available on request.

I am proud of the DataShred Team. Their laser focus is to maintain customer service but also supporting one another through this crisis. This spirit is something I have never experienced before.

In times like this, all businesses must work together forging a combined journey through the uncertainty.

I would love to hear from anyone who wants to discuss how we can support each other further or would like more detail in Datashred's approach. Alternatively, our account teams and support teams are available.

If we all work as one, I truly believe we can accelerate our way into more predictable times.