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Fleet Source Driver Training

Here at Restore Datashred we know the value in training drivers and the many benefits it provides in terms of driver professionalism, and raising awareness of up to date practices and compliance. After a review, we have identified the areas where we felt both the drivers and company could benefit from providing specific refresher training.

With large parts of the Restore Datashred fleet operating in city centres, safety and protection of vulnerable road users are priorities. Sensors and blind spot protection are already installed across the fleet, while 360-degree cameras are being fitted together with audible warnings when vehicles are turning left.

Restore Datashred also employs tele-matics across its fleet with reports including driver feedback, tacho integration, mileage, utilisation and real-time information. It also identifies fault codes and provides overload alerts via the weighing system. We work in partnership with our telematics supplier to get the information that is important to us at any one time.

Risk management is not just about making the vehicles as safe as possible; drivers are also a key consideration. Our drivers have all undergone a series of training sessions including going out on bicycles to understand the cyclist’s view of the road. For further information on how shredding services get a quick quote.

Restore Datashred partner with Fleet Source for Driver CPC training