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Masternaut Case Study

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The Challenge

Restore Datashred is one of the UK’s leading confidential shredding businesses and we run a fleet of over 300 vans, LGVs and HGVs. We have a keen interest in reducing carbon emissions and fuel consumption, road safety, and maintaining customer service excellence.

As large fleet managers, our challenges are:

  • Meeting our own expectations in terms of our responsibilities to our customers, our neighbours and the environment
  • Meeting some associations’ and many public sector organisations’ requirements in being able to prove safer, more efficient, more environmentally aware fleet management
  • Being able to reliably and accurately analyse routes, fuel usage and right sizing
  • Driver behaviours, such as harsh braking or accelerating
  • Monitoring individual vehicles’ consumption

Our Experience

Restore Datashred’s Head of Fleet, Ian Walsh, says:
“We have worked with Masternaut since around 2013, and every vehicle carries their Tachofresh telematics software that gives us clarity and control over driver information and behaviours. Armed with these technologies we can constantly train and update our secure collection operatives in the most environmentally aware ways of driving, such as reducing speed and idling times. When added to our tracking of the freest-flowing, shortest routes and analysis of fuel consumption using Tachofresh feedback, telematics become powerful tools in our aims of providing customer service excellence and environmental benefits.

Not only have we reduced the average age of our fleet vehicles to just four years old but we’re changing the make-up of our fleet and collections patterns in response to 12, 24 and 36-month projects that analysed mileage versus capacity. Even though, on paper, our vans returned the best miles per gallon, with careful and smart route and collections planning, we know that capacity is king and so have started reducing our reliance on vans and have moved towards a 12-tonne chassis.

We couldn’t have carried out this level of analytical detail without our partnership with Masternaut. The team there listens to, responds and delivers what we need, such as ensuring new vehicles are quickly rolled into our ongoing tracking project so that we can continue to reduce consumption and emissions and increase our drivers’ awareness and abilities. Thanks to weekly regular reporting and feedback on all their devices installed with us, and great communications in general, I feel that we are working with the right professionals to help us meet our corporate social responsibilities, that Masternaut takes them as seriously as we do. In a fast-changing transport and fleet management environment, with new fuels and ways of powering vehicles to be considered, this inspires nothing but confidence.”

Our Results

  • In 2017, Restore Datashred’s fleet of specialist vehicles travelled a staggering 7,963,000km or 4,950,000 miles – yet we recorded a 8.9% reduction in fuel consumption per mile. Over the course of a year, this currently represents 182,000 fewer litres and 477 fewer tonnes of CO2 emissions.
  • This means that our customers, our drivers and teams and, most of all, the environment have all benefited from our proactive fleet management.
  • Following this stellar performance, Restore Datashred were one of the first recipients of the Masternaut Gold Fleet status award – putting us in the top 2% of the nation’s fleets for responsible, sustainable management.

Fleet Management Technologies

Restore Datashred/Masternaut


A successful business partnership between telematics technology company, Masternaut, and Restore Datashred.

Masternaut provides a range of fleet management systems, devices and resulting hard data to help managers encourage four key areas in their teams:

  • safer driving
  • more fuel-efficient driving
  • better customer service
  • going greener

Masternaut recently introduced a Gold Fleet status award, to reward businesses that, in 2017, outperformed their already high benchmark for reducing CO2 emissions.

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With our effort and determination, the partnership between Restore Datashred and Masternaut has brought really positive results to the business. Can we meet new, even more stretching targets next time around? "We'll give it our best shot!"

Ian Walsh Head of Fleet