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11 UK Based Charities Fined by the UK's Data Watchdog

Eleven UK based charities have been fined by the UK’s data watchdog as a result of misusing personal information obtained about past donors. Among those fined included large, well known charities such as The Royal British Legion, Battersea Dogs home, Cancer Research and Oxfam.

The Information Commissioner’s office stated that among the offences was secretly piecing together data from multiple sources and trading confidential personal information to target lapsed and potential new donors.

Individual fines were limited to between £6,000 and £18,000, but only due to the prospect that donors would have been unhappy if larger fines were placed on the charities. Data Breach fines have been significantly higher for businesses and organisations in other sectors.

A relatively recent example of this was when Hampshire County Council were fined £100,000 for leaving social care files in an empty building. On that occasion, the ICO investigators found that Hampshire County Council had failed to follow legalities, which state that organisations need to have processes in place to guard against destruction of, or accidental loss of confidential information.

Avoiding Data Protection breaches

Data Protection breaches can be avoided by having strict and appropriate data management processes in place. A reputable shredding company such as Restore Datashred can provide one off or regularly scheduled paper shredding services at frequencies that meet your requirements. The most popular frequencies among customers are weekly, fortnightly and monthly shredding collections. These services allow customers to have a clear audit trail and ensure compliant confidential waste disposal.