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About Our Paper Shredding Services For Your Business

There has been a lot of developments in technology, and because of this, the focus of identity theft and threats to confidential information has been around the internet and accounts we have online.This change in attention to more digital security processes has meant that the importance of shredding physical data so that it is efficiently disposed of has been put to one side. Restore offer to help in the correct disposal of physical documentation to take away the security risk of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. Restore offer many document storage and disposal services such as paper shredding, cloud storage or physical storage. Our paper shredding service comes with a range of options.


What is involved in the paper shredding services?


When you contact us, we will assign you a person from our customer service team who will be dedicated to your case and meet your unique needs. They will arrange a free audit on your premises. You have a choice of using either our off-site or our on-site paper shredding service.


We have a range of shredding options available to our customers. You can have your documents shredded on-site, where our mobile shredding vehicles will come to your workplace premises and shred everything on-site in front of you, to give you any added peace of mind you may need.

Our off-site paper shredding services, come to collect your documents and take them to one of our secure destruction centres. This can be arranged so that you can have one of our secure containers and have regularly scheduled collections. All information is collected in sealed containers, once disposed of, you will receive a certificate of destruction and a certificate of recycling - this is because once shredded beyond recognition, the paper is then recycled.


If you feel you don’t need a regularly scheduled collection of your sensitive information for disposal, then you can arrange for a one-off collection. Within this option you can also arrange to rent one of our bins, they are secure and lockable, you can put your papers and files into it and then contact us when you would like the container picked up.



More Information

If you would like more information on our paper shredding services and would like to arrange a collection or on-site shredding, then contact us today on: 0844 725 5540 or email us at: