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Are you looking for a Shred on Site Service for your Business?
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Are you looking for a Shred on Site Service for your Business?

On-site shredding is a very useful service to have where Restore Datashred will come out to your business premises to securely destroy the confidential materials that you want to dispose of but don't want to leave your premises intact and usable for criminal activities.

The confidential materials that Restore Datashred can destroy for you include:

  • Company ID badges
  • Confidential paper records
  • Digital media
  • Old company uniforms,
  • Unwanted branded goods

Our secure shred on-site process ensures that all materials and data are strictly contained and controlled. 

Restore Datashred are the only shredding provider carrying a rating of 'Excellent' from Trust pilot. This means that we are trusted and very highly rated by the many thousands of UK businesses we work with every year. 

Your security is guaranteed 

There is no need to worry about losing any of your sensitive data. All of our data-shred team members are security-checked and fully vetted. This means your confidential paperwork and other sensitive items will be shred on-site by authorised, uniformed staff.


Absolutely none of your confidential materials will make it off your premises intact. Our team of secure shredding operatives will swiftly and efficiently shred your materials then and there – right in front of your eyes so that you know nothing will escape our attention.

Is our shred on-site service right for you?

When you are under pressure to protect your sensitive company information, organising the secure disposal of your confidential waste can be very stressful. But you can make the whole process much easier by hiring our convenient shred on-site services.

Because of the high risk of identity theft and putting your company at risk of suffering a data breach, the secure disposal of your confidential documentation and any other items that pose a security risk for your company need special handling.

We have all read in the news about thieves searching through the bins of businesses to find paperwork that contains personal identification, financial information or valuable research and development information that could be sold to your competitors.

Choosing Restore Datashred mobile shredding services is the only proven solution to prevent any of the above situations from happening.


But can't we do our own shredding?

No matter what type of business you operate, you will be generating some sort of sensitive information. This may be in the form of customer details such as their ID and credit card details, legal documentation, medical records, as well as any personal information about your own company employees that you need to protect by law.

Eventually, most of your company documents will need to be disposed of when they are of no further use to your business, or you are working your way through digitising your records.

While you may think that you will be keeping your overheads down by doing some DIY shredding, in fact, there are several reasons why this isn't a good idea: 

Too time-consuming: Someone will have to do the actual shredding work, so you will need to divert some of your staff to the task taking them away from their usual work. These employees may also be frustrated being made to do a task that they are not necessarily employed to do. This doesn't make for a very harmonious workplace! 

Poor quality shredding equipment: Standard office shredders are not really up to the job of shredding large amounts of paperwork. This is better suited to our industrial-strength mobile shredding machines. 

What your staff can shred in a day may take us as little as ten to fifteen minutes! Can you really afford to distract your staff and prevent them from getting on with the work that they are paid to do when we can do the job for you much quicker and more efficiently?

Plus the fact that standard office shredders are only made to shred paper. They will jam up and probably break down permanently should you forget to remove rubber bands, paper clips, bulldog clips and other metal paper fasteners.

Office shredders cannot handle other sensitive materials such as old company uniforms, ID badges or branded products and branded packaging that you don't want to be sold on that could undermine your company reputation.

Security risk: Even though you may trust your staff, there is still a risk that some of your company data could go astray. Shredding can be a very tedious job, so your staff may be tempted to take some shortcuts by putting whole documents or complete files into your regular recycling bins. This can mean your sensitive data could be exposed.

Environmentally-friendly disposal: Not all local authority waste collections will take shredded paper because it can be messy to transport and store. Your local authority may not be able to recycle paper shreds so your waste will end up going to landfill or to an incinerator, neither of which are good for the environment.


How does our shred on-site service work?

Restore Datashred offer you a bespoke on-site shredding service that can be tailored to suit your requirements. This means we can come out to your business premises to perform a one-off shredding process when you have done a major purge of your paperwork.

You may be planning to move business premises and need to get rid off a lot of old archived files and records rather than have to move them with you to your new business premises.

Or we could work out a regular schedule of on-site shredding for you where we will come to your business and shred your materials at specific dates throughout the year.

Most of our regular business clients like us to come out to them at least once or twice per year – and more regularly if they produce a lot of sensitive paperwork that needs to be securely disposed of to comply with current Data Protection Act regulations.


What is the shred on site process?

One of our mobile shredding vehicles will arrive at your business premises. Our vehicles are fitted out with the latest cutting-edge, industrial-strength shredding machines. These machines will destroy your paperwork by shredding them into tiny cross-cut pieces that are too small to be of any use to a data theft criminal.

Because our shredding machines are built to such a strong standard, they are far quicker and more powerful than any office-based alternative. You can get your sensitive materials shredding in a fraction of the time it would take your staff to complete.


An added bonus is that you can personally witness your confidential materials being fed directly into the jaws of our shredders.


What happens afterwards?

Once everything has been completely destroyed, our services don't finish there! We don't leave you with your paper shreds and waste materials and simply walk away.

At Restore Datashred, we have a zero-landfill policy that means that absolutely nothing that we shred for you will end up in the landfill.

We will take away your shredded waste for sorting, reusing and repurposing in the circular economy. For example, your paper shreds will be baled up and go to be recycled with our partnering paper mill company to make new paper and tissue products.

Once we have completed our shredding services, we will issue you with an official Certificate of Destruction. This is a very useful piece of documentation because you may need it for auditing purposes to prove that you disposed of your documents in accordance with current Data Protection Act rules and regulations.


What are some of the benefits of our on-site shredding services?

There are many benefits of working with Restore Datashred. Let's summarise some of the main benefits: 

·        Certificate of Destruction: You are issued with a certificate when your shredding is complete

·        Convenience: Our mobile shredding truck comes to your location

·        Efficient shredding: Our industrial-strength shredders can process more material faster

·        Environmentally friendly: Your shredded materials are taken away to be recycled, keeping all waste from going to landfill

·         One-off or scheduled visits: You choose your shredding schedule to suit your needs

·         Secure: Watch as your documents and other materials are destroyed


Who is your mobile shredding service good for?

Our mobile shredding services are good for just about every business that generates confidential paperwork or materials that you don't want to end up in the wrong hands, such as company uniforms, ID badges, security key cards, computer discs and hard drives, data-storage devices, branded goods and packaging, research and development prototypes etc.

Our services are of extra special value to firms and organisations that carry a lot of sensitive personal and financial information such as:

·         Accountants

·         Banks and financial firms

·         Estate agents

·         Hospitals and medical centres

·         Insurance companies

·         Solicitors and law firms

You can save your business a lot of time and money by using Restore Datashred mobile on-site shredding services. Using our services can work out to be more cost-effective than diverting your own staff to work long hours on shredding your documentation using sub-par shredding equipment. 

What is the difference between your shredding service and our local council paper recycling services? 

Firstly, there is nothing wrong with using your local authority recycling refuse collection for all of your non-confidential paperwork. However, you have to be really careful that your staff are not throwing away any paperwork that contains sensitive information that could damage your company. 

Secondly, your local council recycling centre may not be set up to handle the shredded paper waste. Most recycling centres are used to handling complete sheets of paper, cardboard and whole reams of unwanted paper stock. 

In most cases the recycling process that local authorities use may become jammed up with shredded paper, so your paper waste may be rejected at the collection point and either left at your business premises uncollected, or they will take it away to dump in the landfill. 

Restore Datashred use partner facilities that are designed to process shredded paper waste to recycle it for reuse. Our own paper-mill partner company uses all of our paper shred waste to make new recycled paper and tissue products for resale, keeping everything out of the landfill and within the circular-economy. 


The importance of a Certificate of Destruction 

One of the main issues of DIY paper shredding when done in-house is the fact that you have no proof of the official end of your paper trail. 

Shredding your business documents isn't just concerned with the disposal of unwanted paperwork. Actually having a Certificate of Destruction gives you legal proof that you disposed of your company confidential paperwork in a secure manner that complies with the Data Protection Act. 

Without a certificate you have no protection against the law should you suffer a data breach or identification theft that exposes your company to an investigation and audit by the Government. 

By working with Restore Datashred you will have an official Certificate of Destruction that you can show in the event of a government audit to prove that your paperwork was securely destroyed and the destruction of your sensitive information was witnessed. 

Your certificate will also provide you with protection and proof of destruction for all of your computer hard drives and any other data-bearing storage device that you dispose of with us.


What information is listed on a Certificate of Destruction?

Your certificate will contain the details of what materials were destroyed and the date and time of destruction. Depending on what you need shredding, your certificate will contain details of: 

·         The date and location when the material was destroyed

·         A list of materials destroyed

·         How the material was destroyed

·         Names the witness to the destruction and their signature

Now you can see why it is so important to use a professional shredding service such as Restore Datashred to handle the end disposal of your confidential paperwork and other sensitive materials. 

You can trust us because we are a nationwide company with many years of service who offer our clients a comprehensive service from one of our many locally-based destruction depots and service centres. 

We are one of the UK's most accredited and trusted data shredding companies and have a zero-landfill policy that means your business can also benefit by boosting your environmental targets with regards to waste management and sustainability. 

You can get a quick quote online or if you prefer, give our friendly team a call to discuss your needs on: 0333 060 6570.