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Become a policy keeper

Hands up if your business is fully GDPR-compliant? If you are one of the 35% of Europe-based organisations who, when polled last summer*, could provide data when requested, congratulations!

GDPR has brought a raft of obligations to data controllers and data processors with the aim of giving greater transparency and access to the individual – the data subject. To a large industry like Insurance, whose legacy systems and processes traditionally use reams of paper as well as multiple management systems, it’s quite likely that the advent of GDPR last year also brought a raft of headaches from which you are yet to recover.
* Research and reports by Talend and by 451 Research, and compliance based on an individual’s right to access and portability of personal data.

· The right to portability (GDPR Article 20), for example, could mean a thorough audit of how personal data can be provided to the data subject and competitors (!) when requested, as well as establishing policies and procedures for responding within 30 days.
· The right to be erased impacts the systems where you keep personal data and, as a data controller, an insurance firm needs to keep a clear and documented reason for why you are keeping personal data. The clearest way of making sure your ways of working are compliant is to set up policies and procedures that everyone knows, and that include data retention and destruction rules.

Respecting where data ends up

If you’d like to place your insurance organisation more firmly in the 35% of compliant businesses (or perhaps even help increase that percentage) – with all the customer engagement and loyalty that implies – now is the right time of year to shake things up, send your in-house shredder into retirement, and adopt some new habits around full lifecycle records management.

The three pillars of data protection, records management and document workflow are the bedrock of GDPR compliance. Here at Restore Datashred, we believe that underpinning these three pillars are processes, principles and working to a robust Retention and Disposal Policy.

The end game of any data protection and management cycle should always be a properly implemented Retention and Disposal Policy, in which the statutory lifespan of all types of document is recorded, so that all your information can be stored, monitored and securely destroyed at the end of its shelf life. Having a policy makes sure you tick all the boxes of protection, management and workflow. Having a policy of highly secure end-of-lifecycle destruction – of paper and digital media – fulfilled by a professional data shredding company like Restore Datashred will protect your clients’ data and your reputation, including helping you meet your sustainability goals.

We think you’ll agree, these are highly positive outcomes for a strategic focus on protecting your valuable data.


How Restore Datashred helps you meet the three pillars of GDPR compliance

– Retention and Disposal Policy – our knowledgeable, experienced account managers can advise on content that’s correct for your industry as well as help with embedding compliance within your organisation’s culture
– trained, vetted drivers security operatives are friendly and helpful, no matter how regular or large the collection
– security-conscious lockable collection bins and recycled paper sacks are available online at
–on-site shredding in one of our mobile shredding vehicles where you can watch and verify that the process is totally secure from bin to shredder blade
– secure off-site shredding at one of our 12 state-of-the-art shredding centres, each of which is protected by 24-hour CCTV, secure entry systems and run by experienced, security-checked teams
– electronic audit trail, with fully tracked documents and files throughout the process
– certificate of destruction promptly supplied for your, and your clients’, records


Good to know…

· Restore Datashred is serious about security – we are BS EN15713:2009 accredited, so your assets will be treated with the respect they deserve
· We are the only data shredding business in the UK with the ServiceMark award from the Institute of Customer Service

Close the gap!

Don’t leave yourself open to risk – that would be the ultimate irony for an Insurance industry professional. A member of our friendly, knowledgeable customer service team on 0800 376 4422 will be happy to talk through the many options we can tailor-make for your business.