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Serious About Customer Service

Restore Datashred, a leading supplier of shredding and customer service

As the leading supplier of confidential data destruction in the UK, Restore Datashred was awarded with the ServiceMark Accreditation from the Institute of Customer Service for delivering the highest standards of customer service. We’re proud to be only shredding provider in the UK to hold the Accreditation, which involves three elements: an employee survey, a survey of customers and an assessment by an independent assessor from The Institute of Customer Service.

Let’s make it a regular thing

At Restore Datashred we’ve made it our motto that we’re ‘Serious about shredding’.

With a regular, scheduled time for collection, you can be confident you are choosing the best option for making sure your business and customer data is being given the protection GDPR dictates it requires and deserves. Each and every bin, sack and cabinet is logged and securely moved to our specialist vehicles either for swift disposal then and there or for transport to a local depot.